Health care cost worries lock out Richmond County substitutes

...provide the coverage and workers buy it through the health insurance marketplace, the employer could face fines.The school system...pay for just the teaching side of it. Adding benefits and insurance on top of that would just break that budget."Columbia County...

Four golfers tied for lead in Qatar Masters

...JOHNSON'S RETURN SET: Dus tin Johnson plans to return from his leave of absence in two weeks at Torrey Pines.The Farmers Insurance Open said that Johnson, 30, has committed to play the tournament Feb. 5-8.It will be his first competition since he...

Lawmaker to introduce bill legalizing cannabis oil

...and sell the product.House Speaker David Ralston has said he supports the proposal. An attempt to pass a similar bill last year failed when some lawmakers attached an unrelated bill requiring insurance coverage of children with autism.

The Big Impact of Your Little Financial Choices

...Move to a smaller home or apartment and trim your insurance, rent, mortgage payments, property taxes, energy...at once. Renegotiate your major bills ? car insurance, homeowners insurance, cell phone bill, internet bill, cable bill...

Now ask yourself this

...pay?? Do I look at my paycheck and see the taxes that are deducted?? Do I look at the amount I am paying for health insurance each month?? Am I willing to work to spend my own money to build up a family farm or a family business that my family will...

Deal wants more education opportunities for inmates

...proposal that has unsettled some members: eliminating state health insurance coverage for school district employees working less than 30 hours...agencies working less than 30 hours are not eligible for state health insurance coverage.

Police still looking for clues in fatal hit-and-run case

...whether a fatality is involved or not, the driver flees out of fear or because they are driving with a suspended license or insurance, have active warrants or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.In one of the three cases from last year that remain...

Bad health care news for school workers

...fiscal year 2016 would eliminate health insurance coverage for 11,500 "non-certificated...think a lot of these people will get insurance in other ways," Reese told Democratic...might qualify for subsidies in the health insurance exchange.Reese projected a fiscal 2017...

SC paid $5 million in road damages

...in legal claims by motorists and others whose cars were damaged or who were injured or killed. The figures from the state Insurance Reserve Fund show the state also spent more than $2 million in legal costs in those claims. The payments range from several...

Delta reports 4Q loss of $712 million

...falling oil prices lowered the value of Delta's future fuel-hedging transactions by $1.2 billion. Hedging acts as insurance against rising oil prices, but it loses value when oil prices fall, as they have in recent months.Delta hedges more aggressively...