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Fatal Warren fire ruled accident

...Johnny C. Duggas started in the kitchen of the home as the result of a malfunction in the electrical panel.State insurance spokesman Glenn Allen said the couple was heating with space heaters which overloaded the panel.Warren County firefighters...
High and dry?

...frustrating when you're afraid to do too much because you know you're going to squabble with them." State Farm Insurance spokesman Steve Glass said an additional 150 people were dispatched to help make adjustments, in addition to the 20 people...
XXX Bizarre
Liability limits to double

...little extra premium - they're going to be getting almost twice the coverage at not twice the price," State Farm Insurance spokesman Bruce White said. "I would think they'd be satisfied." The changes: - Bodily injury per person is raised...
Insurance answers

...had hoped Congress would step in and pay out on terrorism-related claims after they reach a certain threshold. Insurance spokesmen and media analysts warned of the impending collapse of the commercial real estate market if Congress did not act...
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