Owners facing increase in flood insurance premiums

...National Flood Insurance Program, thousands of Georgia homeowners including Drury can count on paying increasing flood insurance premiums each year.Drury, a retired phone company customer service representative, lived in her home without flood insurance...

Wellness programs grow more popular with employers

...controlling conditions such as diabetes.Along with that, many companies also are dangling the threat of higher monthly insurance premiums to prod workers into action.The Affordable Care Act is one reason the programs are spreading. The federal law...

Tort reform leads to higher insurance premiums

...the cause of the increase in insurance premiums is tied to the declining economy...decrease in medical-malpractice insurance premiums. In fact, the states that...highest medical-malpractice insurance premiums in the country. Furthermore...

New firefighting class could lower homeowners insurance

...underwriting organization, more fire fighters in Rich mond County could equal $100 to $500 in savings on homeowners' insurance premiums. Richmond Coun ty has a Class 3 rating on a 1-to-10 scale evaluating community fire efforts, with lower numbers...

Welfare Nation: "Farm Bill" is what's wrong with America

...below 86 percent of his previous years' peak earnings. On top of that, taxpayers pay 62 percent of his business-insurance premiums. You may have heard this year's farm bill ended so-called "direct payments" ? the $5 billion worth of checks...

How's Obamacare so far?

...sell supplies, politicians who take money from the health care industry, etc, etc. Everyone is a winner ? except for the poor sap who had to go to the hospital.Oh, and did I mention my insurance premiums tripled last January?

`No option but to appeal'

AIKEN -- For the average motorist, insurance premiums climb based on a bad driving record. The city of Aiken could be looking at a similar jump in its state insurance costs based on...

Irene will show up on insurance bills

...Locraft, an industry analyst with Morgan Stanley.The damage from Irene and other disasters means that property insurance premiums will likely rise across the board into 2012, Locraft said."Irene is just another log on the fire," he said...

2 furlough days win panel's OK

...days before the end of the year and higher health insurance premiums in 2011.An Augusta Commission committee approved...we've managed to reduce it to only two."Health insurance premiums for coverage for an individual will increase to...

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Insurance becoming cheaper

...bills. So naturally they were excited to hear their insurance company, State Farm, announce it will reduce auto insurance premiums for its 1.4 million policyholders later this year. "This is a very pleasant and welcome surprise," said the...