A true gold standard would re-establish American fiscal responsibility

...insurance of bank deposits. (This does not preclude private bank insurance firms from emerging to insure deposits with insurance premiums paid by the depository institution.)Moreover, allow not only "big banks" to fail but all others as well...

Rants & Raves

...They also are non-union and require workers to work either long hours or part time so they don't have to pay insurance premiums. THIS IS A RAVE for Georgia DOT. Gee, somebody actually cut the grass at Bobby Jones and Wrightsboro Road. Thank...

Ex-Gulfstream officer arrested

...restaurants, five-star hotels, expensive jewelry and luxury furnishings as well as mundane expenses such as insurance premiums, utilities and other living expenses.Eimiller said investigators with the FBI and the U.S. Postal Inspection...

Gov. Nikki Haley names new leader for South Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services

...the administration's refusal to accept the expansion means far too many people fall into the gap of earning too much to be covered by Medicaid but too little to receive insurance premium assistance through the federal health exchange.

It was all just an 'Act'

...deemed the lie of the year in 2013, according to Politifact.And let's not forget the whopper that Americans' insurance premiums would supposedly go down $2,500 per family.What's in your wallet?Perhaps the biggest lie is in the bill's...

Augusta manufacturers likely to avoid paying energy tax

...least one firefighter to receive a check for nearly $8,000. The city is threatening to quit paying their health insurance premiums if the firefighters don't return the money, according to Charles Masters, the vice president of Augusta Firefighters...

Public safety officials push for new radio system

...system in-house, James said, the city could improve its Insurance Services Office rating, which could help lower insurance premiums in the area. One criteria in the rating calls for a indicator to be placed in the 911 Call Center to alert officials...

Tax refunds could get hit due to health law credits

...millions getting tax credits to help pay health insurance premiums under Pres i dent Obama's health care law, it's...update their accounts. They will pay higher health insurance premiums for the rest of this year, but they can avoid financial...

Commission approves fire department salary increase

...fire protection expenditures don't come out of the city's general fund. They rely on revenue generated from insurance premium and fire taxes. James said the account has a balance of about $4 million. The proposal calls for about $500...

Regents asked to boost health premiums, deductibles

...staff and retirees of the University System of Georgia are likely to wind up with an increase in their health insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles after the Board of Regents votes next month.The premium changes range from a 6 percent...