Policy changes aren't enough

...000 at a time into his corporate bank account: If something happened to the deposit en route, his company's insurance policy only covered $10,000 for an off-premise loss.There was nothing criminal in what the Athens, Ga., firearms...

Book offers info on establishing family values

...they're younger so they develop good habits before finances get more complex with student loans, retirement plans and insurance policies in adulthood.Lieber also suggests distinguishing "wants" and "needs." If kids understand the difference...

Insurance scam warning issued

...scam involving unsolicited calls.Hudgens says scammers have been calling consumers offering the proceeds of life insurance policies for a fee.Hudgens says scammers have been asking victims to pay them via multiple pre-paid cards. Hudgens says...

Becoming a fishing guide isn't as easy as you might think

...exam and it's pretty tough and expensive.Having a Coast Guard license could mean a discount on your liability insurance policy.Then you'll need an array of quality fishing tackle and a live bait tank, in addition to a series of top-of-the-line...

Fast-food resolution: Transform junk food image

...said companies would have to evaluate recipes product by product."Sometimes, food additives can be crutches or insurance policies. If a food is frozen, germs aren't going to grow. But preservatives might be added just in case, or they...

High dollar dents company earnings

...net income would have risen 3 percent, Oracle said.Companies can enter into hedging arrangements that act like insurance policies against the rising dollar."But hedging is never perfect," says Mark Luschini, chief investment strategist...

For US unemployed, job market hits a turning point

...interviews produced offers. She's accepted a position at Mutual of Omaha, where she will help ensure that its insurance policies comply with federal rules. Higgins, 26, who lives in Omaha, Neb., starts today.At the same time, the government's...

Kirby: Sometimes names don't tell the whole story

...value of what was insured, and then we'll provide you with a new barn of similar worth." There was a long pause, and then Susan said, "Well, if that's how it works, then I want to cancel the life insurance policy on my husband."

Home Depot tops Street; breach costs still hazy

...breach-related expense of about $27 million, but only about $6 million after insurance. The company has a $100 million insurance policy for breach-related expenses, according to Chief Financial Officer Carol Tome.Accounting for all breach-related...

Georgia city settles over death after stun gun use

...to pay the maximum amount allowed by the city's insurance policy, Stewart said. Acting city attorney Brad Bowman...important than the fact that they paid the entire insurance policy because now the whole community is safe," he said...