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Amateur prize winners take different paths

...wouldn't have worked either. He would still have lost his amateur status because Hardy would have been forced to sign an insurance form saying he owned the golf car before he could donate it. As for Wessinger, he said he's having fun driving his...
David Westin | Augusta National Golf Club | E-Z-Go
I keep finding situations in life that need a word

...herself pressing a finger down on an unknown word harder and harder and becoming frustrated when nothing pops up from the page.One of these days her reading is going to break a finger. That should look good on the insurance form.
Pet owners purchase health insurance for animals

...000, Mr. Steers said, and insurance would have paid for most of it. The irony is, Mr. Steers picked up an insurance form from his Savannah vet Chris Gall right before that vacation trip. Mr. Steers still has not filled it out. Procrastination...