Con job at law firm to end criminal career

...be a godsend. He was a natural in dealing with insurance adjusters and increased gross settlements by 25 to 30 percent...Hawk said.While Owen could be aggressive with insurance adjusters, he befriended everyone in the office in every...

Severe weather updates

...to either your house or car; do not delay. Your agent should provide you with claims forms and arrange for an insurance adjuster to visit your property. Try to make a list of all your property and valuables you believe were damaged or destroyed...

Winter storm brings hefty payday for some Augusta businesses

...tarps over roof holes across its coverage area, which runs from Waynesboro to Aiken, but it will have to wait for insurance adjusters to assess damages before claims can be processed and repairs started.Stevens expects many people to fully replace...

Winter storms losses could reach $185 million

...reported to his office, and many property owners still haven't contacted their insurers."Data collected by insurance adjusters are now reaching my office," he said. "We anticipate that figure to rise as new claims are reported."The...

Tips help claims go smoothly

...can be reached, Colmans said.Do not get rid of damaged property, the News Service also advises, because an insurance adjuster might want to inspect it.Colmans added that now is a good time of year to add to or make a home inventory, a...

Augusta took brunt of damage

...Oxendine's office would expedite a visit by her insurance adjuster. "I do feel like they're taking too long...provide you with claims forms and arrange for an insurance adjuster to visit your property or look at your automobile...

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Tips for repairs, working with contractors

...anything or dispose of damaged property before the insurance adjuster has a chance to see it. It is a good idea to take...reimbursed, she added. Maintain contact with your insurance adjuster. If your home is unlivable, call and give the...

Inside insurance: Some resolutions can save money

...you own your home, also take pictures of the exterior of your home all the way around the building to help your insurance adjuster to know exactly what your home looked like prior to any damage. Take pictures of your vehicles, too. These new...

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Texans plan to open things up

...in hurricane-damaged Reliant Stadium with the roof open. The roof won't be fixed in time for the game, but insurance adjusters and architects said it is structurally sound to host the game with the roof open. JETS: Quarterback Brett Favre...

Storms send adjusters scurrying

...months he spent assessing damage from Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi. These days, the independent insurance adjuster is waiting for the jaunty ring tone to send him packing again. After a couple of slow hurricane seasons, he and...