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Blast injuries can be subtle, long-lasting

...lasting, according to an exhaustive report from the Institute of Medicine.Finding ways to model those effects can be difficult...researchers at Geor gia Regents University said.The Institute of Medicine provided an extensive look at blast injuries as...
Efforts urged to boost organ donations

...organs and making it easy for them to do so, the Institute of Medicine reported Tuesday. But its report discouraged the Department of Health and Human Services. Institute of Medicine:
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Report: Scientists should alter ethnic groupings

...prone to certain cancers should focus on regional and ethnic groups instead of the four broad race categories, the Institute of Medicine said Wednesday. Studying cancer rates among smaller groups it termed "special populations" will allow researchers...
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Science panel urges U.S. to adopt universal health insurance by 2010

...insecurity even among the insured, a study by the Institute of Medicine urges the United States to adopt universal coverage...Programs to deal with budget deficits. On the Net: Institute of Medicine:
NIH advised to listen more to ordinary people

...panel says. A report by the Institute of Medicine suggests that some of the...Harold Varmus praised the Institute of Medicine study and said that he agrees...the report said. The Institute of Medicine is a unit of the National...
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Report sets nutrient guidelines and women 700, says Tuesday's report by the Institute of Medicine, which slightly lowers the "recommended daily...nutrition professor Robert Russell, who chaired the Institute of Medicine panel. Vegetarians, however, may need to eat...
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Got milk? Americans need more calcium to avoid brittle bones

...milligrams of calcium a day, the report by the Institute of Medicine concludes. But most Americans get far less than...Almonds, 1oz=17mg Spinach, cup=12mg The new Institute of Medicine report considers these to be adequate daily intake...
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Childbearing-age women need folic acid supplement

...cells but one that declines with age, said the Institute of Medicine report. The new recommendations mean "in a country...nutrients to protect against side effects. The Institute of Medicine, a private organization that advises the federal...
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Medical residency changes proposed

...add positions where they have historically been shortchanged, the co-chairwoman said.But the report from the Institute of Medicine on graduate medical education does not address overall underfunding and the need to diversify funding away from...
Organizations link VA problems to staff shortages

...of Nurse Practitioners has called on the agency to follow policy recommendations from organizations such as the Institute of Medicine and allow the VA's 5,000 nurses to practice to the full extent of their education and clinical expertise...