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Genome genesis

The biological equivalent of the moon landing - that is how the Human Genome Project's mapping of the human genetic code is being described.\r\n
DNA research opens era

There is no sign in Amy Varnell's face, and only when she speaks in a slightly hoarse voice is there a clue she is somehow different.
Stem cell research offers hope, dilemmas

Inside his laboratory at Medical College of Georgia, Brian Condie can turn mouse embryo cells into brain cells or heart cells. His research and that of others may one day allow adults to grow new cells and turn around disorders such as Parkinson's disease.
XXX Technology
Grant allows collaboration on DNA study

The Medical College of Georgia will partner with the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University to study repairing DNA through a multimillion-dollar federal grant, university officials are planning to announce today.
People to watch in 2001

Carolyn BeardAge: 48 What she does: Director, Augusta-Richmond County Department of Family and Children Services Why she's worth watching: As of today, Ms. Beard will take over as director of the Augusta-Richmond County Department of Family and Children Services. She replaces Linda Johnson, whose success in directing the pilot program of Goodworks, which trains former welfare recipients for jobs, catapulted her to the position of statewide coordinator.
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Biotech research 'incubators' important for health care, economy

WONDERFUL THINGS College of Georgia. Research by faculty, students and members of the scientific staff is helping to find cures for heart disease, cancer, stroke, blindness, sickle cell disease, immune disorders, and many other diseases. There is a tremendous commitment to funding biomedical research. This support comes from both the state of Georgia, through its visionary program -- the Georgia Research Alliance -- and the federal government, where the budget for the National Institutes of Health, the major funding agency for biomedical research, is on pace to double within the next five years.
Opinion columns
Medical research becomes economic tool

A man who helped transform Birmingham, Ala., into a hotbed for medical research told community leaders Wednesday they could do the same for Augusta.
College's research future in question

From something as small and as common as a mouse embryo come important discoveries that could one day lead to new approaches in medicine and with them millions of dollars for Medical College of Georgia.
Local and area briefs

Lawyer files suit for public records A Hephzibah lawyer is suing the Richmond County Board of Education, asking for access to public records on school enrollments, salaries and studies done by a planning consultant for the board. Dietrick W. Oellerich Jr. filed suit Tuesday in Richmond County Superior Court, saying he hasn't received information requested under the Freedom of Information Act about the board's attempt to build a new high school in the Goshen area.
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