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...Kensington's new Internet-friendly input device, when I first heard about it...It can work with an existing input device (if you have a spare serial port...lot of time online and want an input device that puts Net navigation first...
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Microsoft makes a big bet on Tablet PC

...The tablets are based on one of two designs, with a few mixing elements of both. Some are only tablets, with no input device other than the digital pen. Others are notebook computers in which the keyboard can be folded away and the screen used...
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High tech globe puts spin on geography port. With the addition of an add-in card that will be available sometime next year, it can be used as an input device. And as geopolitical boundaries change, Odyssey's information can be easily updated. Users will be able to download...
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Week in video-game news

...program starting the week of May 7. At first, you'll have to use a chunky USB keyboard or the clumsy virtual keyboard on your TV screen; the new keyboard (which Microsoft calls a "text-input device") will be available this summer.
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AP Interview: Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

...sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. At the center of the company's vision is the Wii's TV-remote style input device, which can be swung around to mimic a baseball bat or pulled back and aimed like a bow and arrow. A palm-sized attachment...
IBM introduces computerized notepad

...notebook computers are available with the usual peripherals found on desktop models. But IBM has added a new and novel input device to its highly successful ThinkPad line of laptops; a notepad. The TransNote combines a ThinkPad with a real paper...
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