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Victim of British tainted blood scandal speaks out

...pig," said Mr. Mackie, 58. "It's just a miracle my wife wasn't infected." Hemophiliacs suffer from an inherited disorder that prevents blood from clotting. Mr. Mackie had controlled his hemophilia with a treatment called cryoprecipitate...
Lab study: restoring brain tissue

...percent appeared to behave like normal mice, while the untreated shiverer mice showed severe symptoms of their inherited disorder. An examination of the animal's brains, said Snyder, showed that a much higher percentage than normal of the...
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School keeps man fighting fatal disease

...Gelpi at (706) 828-3851 or WHAT IS IT? Niemann-Pick Disease is an inherited disorder in which the cells of the body are unable to properly process fat, said Karen Carter, a development pediatrician...
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Cholesterol drugs safe in kids with inherited condition, study says

...drugs are safe in children, but Wiegman called the results a strong argument for using statins in children with the inherited disorder. "If we don't treat them, I know I can't look them in their eyes in 15 and 20 years because they won't...
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Age old question

...stones, which are usually caused by genetic factors. According to the Cystinuria Stone Handbook, cystinuria is an inherited disorder identified by abnormal movement of chemicals in the intestines and kidneys. The chemical compounds involved are...
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Gene therapy may prevent muscle loss in elderly

...trial can begin. He predicted the first human study may be done in people with Becker's muscular dystrophy, an inherited disorder that produces progressive muscle damage and currently has no effective treatment. He added that the gene therapy's...
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Composite skin improves healing

From the moment Cole Wooten was born, he began to blister. The month-old Martinez boy suffers from a rare inherited disorder called epidermolysis bullosa. Doctors believe his skin lacks a certain connective protein, causing it to blister...
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FDA recalls blood product treatment for hemophiliacs

...brand name Recombinate. Recombinate is a brand of recombinant human Factor VIII, used to treat hemophilia A, an inherited disorder in which the blood clotting protein Factor VIII is abnormal. Patients, unable to form blood clots normally, risk...
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Infant with rare skin disorder to be discharged soon

...her mouth. "I was thinking two months (more). That is awesome." The 5-week-old Martinez boy has a rare inherited disorder called epidermolysis bullosa, in which his skin lacks a certain connective substance called plectin. The skin...
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