McDuffie County school system closes after influenza outbreak

...excessive absences caused by an outbreak of influenza, strep infection and stomach viruses...Department of Public Health. The intensity of influenza-like illness activity, reported on...last week, the department reported.Influenza activity nationwide was increasing as...

Flu drops in Georgia but might not last

...Georgia, at least for now.The level of influenza-like activity plummeted in Georgia...different and unpredictable, a chart mapping influenza-like activity shows this season is...one in 2012-2013, the last time an influenza A H3N2 strain predominated. And that...

McDuffie County school enacts emergency closure because of illnesses

...will be closed today through Friday after "conversations with the Department of Pub lic Health" and excessive absences from influenza, strep infections and a stomach virus, according to a news release and the school's principal.Principal Donna Bennett...

Researchers solve genetic puzzle of 1918 influenza pandemic

WASHINGTON (AP) - The 1918 influenza virus that killed more than 20 million...Science that the virus be known as Influenza A/South Carolina. Science is...hemagglutinin gene matches closest to swine influenza viruses, showing that this virus...

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Influenza specimen from 1918 found in frozen remains

WASHINGTON -- A specimen of the influenza virus that killed 21 million people in the 1918 worldwide epidemic has been recovered from the frozen remains of a flu victim buried...

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CDC: Half of flu strains don't match shot

More than half of influenza A strains typed this season don't...greater prevalence of a "drifted" influenza A H3N2 strain than the ones included...hospitalizations from flu and more deaths from influenza," Frieden said.The altered strain...

Flu is here but might not look like flu

...counties in the state, said Audrey Kunkes, influenza surveillance coordinator for the Georgia...are continuing to see that increase in influenza-like illness."Earlier this month...a genetically "drifted" version of influenza A H3N2 that was different than the strain...

2 flu deaths near Savannah

...The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone six months and older be vaccinated against the flu. The influenza virus is highly contagious and is spread mainly by droplets from infected people when they cough, sneeze or talk.While...

CDC sees promise, concern in Ebola fight

...period. Eleven have been referred for further evaluation but none had Ebola, Frieden said."A lot of malaria, a lot of influenza," he said, which also produce the fever that can indicate a person is developing Ebola.Frieden praised the African Union...

Influenza cases on the rise

...the month, there have been a lot more influenza, both A and B strains, and respiratory...All of MCG's positive cases have been influenza B, which was showing up early in the...and statewide, although more cases of influenza A H3N2 have been recorded lately across...

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