Researchers solve genetic puzzle of 1918 influenza pandemic

WASHINGTON (AP) - The 1918 influenza virus that killed more than 20 million...Science that the virus be known as Influenza A/South Carolina. Science is...hemagglutinin gene matches closest to swine influenza viruses, showing that this virus...

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Influenza specimen from 1918 found in frozen remains

WASHINGTON -- A specimen of the influenza virus that killed 21 million people in the 1918 worldwide epidemic has been recovered from the frozen remains of a flu victim buried...

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Internal investigation finds CDC scientist was mum for a month about flu virus accident in lab

...anthrax labs were shut down."We all feel horrible this happened," said Dr. Anne Schuchat, who oversees the CDC's Influenza Division ? which includes the lab where the bird flu accident took place.Because of employee privacy rules, she said...

Unusual deadly flu season in Georgia

...week that there have been 37 confirmed influenza-associated deaths in Georgia this flu...Department of Public Health said in its Weekly Influenza Report.Yet there are also signs that...states.Last year, the predominant influenza strain was H3N2, known as Influenza...

US has World Cup fate in own hands against Portugal

...to five inoculations per player, to be precise, for protection against typhoid, yellow fever, tetanus, hepatitis A and influenza after they started training last month in California. Players also were offered medication to prevent malaria, the mosquito-borne...

Flu cases already at University

...University has had 10 lab-confirmed cases of influenza already and two were serious enough to...Department of Public Health just began its influenza surveillance this week and won't have...with .9 percent of patients reporting influenza-like illness, according to the Centers...

Influenza cases on the rise

...the month, there have been a lot more influenza, both A and B strains, and respiratory...All of MCG's positive cases have been influenza B, which was showing up early in the...and statewide, although more cases of influenza A H3N2 have been recorded lately across...

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CDC: Early in season, nationwide influenza cases still light

...but the pace could pick up soon. "Influenza activity is expected to increase during...outbreaks, but that's not uncommon." Influenza - also known as the flu - is a respiratory...very, very useful part in diagnosing influenza A, which is the prominent form of influenza...

Flu season worse for the elderly, CDC says

...seniors hospitalized with lab-confirmed influenza A H3N2 jumped from 69.8 per 100...recently hospitalized with a case of influenza A H3N2 virus.Georgia and South Carolina...our guard up and we remind folks that influenza activity in South Carolina is still widespread...

Flu cases already confirmed in South Carolina

...already has three lab-confirmed cases of influenza, the state Department of Health and...cases were in Beaufort County and were influenza A H1N1, the pandemic virus that first...each year. The lab had confirmed an influenza case the week before, and there have...