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Air pollution makes common cold worse

...twice as bad. Cold viruses and certain pollutants, researchers say, both prompt cells to release the kinds of inflammatory agents that make people feel lousy. And when the two are combined the total is greater than the sum of its parts. The...
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Aspirin could be used as weapon against rare form of cancer

...human cells and silenced their CYLD gene to mimic the disease. Then, they added a variety of different anti-inflammatory agents to the cultures, including sodium salicyate, a form of aspirin. The compounds appear to have stimulated the...
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Study: One high-fat meal can bad for arteries

...were reduced. But the polyunsaturated meal seemed to improve those anti-inflammatory qualities. Also, fewer inflammatory agents were found in the arteries than before the meal. "They're looking at things in terms of real live living...
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Spring is in your face

...later get rubbed into your eyes or nose. - Rinse your nose with a saline solution to carry away dust, pollen and inflammatory agents. Sources: Medical College of Georgia, Augusta Family Allergy and Immunology, Connecticut Asthma and Allergy...