PTSD can lead to heart disease

...in response to loud noises or disturbing images, he said.It can also lead to an increase in cell signals that promote inflammation and an overreaction of the immune system and can increase the risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease, Coughlin said...

Drug could be pneumonia therapy

A normally bad agent that causes inflammation contains what might be a potential therapy that could help treat severe lung disease like pneumonia, a Georgia Regents University...

Orioles unwilling to trade the farm for short-term players

...starts this season and has had a noticeable loss in velocity. In five starts before being placed on the DL with right knee inflammation,he allowed 19 runs and 27 hits in 18 innings.While Lester and John Lackey wait to see if they get dealt, the Red Sox...

Inflammation bad for hearts

BOSTON - Inflammation that smolders for years inside the...several years of this low-level inflammation, men are three times as likely to...twice as likely to have strokes. The inflammation is so subtle that it shows up only...

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Study: inflammation is only a moderate predictor of heart disease

...in the field of heart disease - that inflammation levels in the bloodstream are a powerful...routinely used by some doctors to measure inflammation. And it challenges year-old recommendations...researchers said their findings suggest that inflammation is only a moderate predictor of heart...

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Inflammation still bothers Smoltz

ATLANTA --- Braves ace John Smoltz still has inflammation and discomfort in his right shoulder, leaving him unsure...the trouble worse. "See, if I keep creating more (inflammation), there's my answer," he said Sunday. "That's...

Secondhand smoke harmful for dogs, cats

...exposure isn't available, but vets know from lab tests and office visits that inhaling smoke causes allergic reactions, inflammation and nasal and pulmonary cancers in pets, said Dr. Kerri Marshall, a veterinary officer for Trupanion pet insurance.Despite...

Top wheelchair tennis players compete in Augusta this weekend

...common adolescent woe of acne.No, when Williams lost his, it was when he was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord.Though suddenly wheelchair-bound, Williams found his zest through sports.Williams, now 44 years...

Georgia Regents University liver cancer vaccine promising

...increase, he said. It's not clear exactly how those diseases cause liver cancer but it could be that they induce chronic inflammation and damage in the liver, similar to what the viruses inflict, that cause cell mutations that lead to cancer, He said...

Researchers say niacin could prevent colon cancer

...might also be protecting him from colon inflammation and colon cancer."That's great...fiber helps to protect against colon inflammation and cancer but exactly how that happens...react to the butyrate and lead to less inflammation. Also, mice bred to lack this receptor...