GRU researching liver cancer target

...centuries-old debate about the role of inflammation in cancer could provide a unique target...said.A potential connection between inflammation and cancer was first noted in the 1860s...of the protein, leading to chronic inflammation."This is a cycle that creates chronic...

Inflammation bad for hearts

BOSTON - Inflammation that smolders for years inside the...several years of this low-level inflammation, men are three times as likely to...twice as likely to have strokes. The inflammation is so subtle that it shows up only...

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Study: inflammation is only a moderate predictor of heart disease

...in the field of heart disease - that inflammation levels in the bloodstream are a powerful...routinely used by some doctors to measure inflammation. And it challenges year-old recommendations...researchers said their findings suggest that inflammation is only a moderate predictor of heart...

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Inflammation still bothers Smoltz

ATLANTA --- Braves ace John Smoltz still has inflammation and discomfort in his right shoulder, leaving him unsure...the trouble worse. "See, if I keep creating more (inflammation), there's my answer," he said Sunday. "That's...

Knicks' Quincy Acy suspended for flagrant foul against Wizards' John Wall

...power forward Terrence Jones.Jones averaged 14 points and 7.5 rebounds last season, but is out indefinitely with nerve inflammation in his left leg.Smith signed a four-year, $54 million contract with Detroit in July 2013. He has averaged 15.4 points...

Miami's McGehee, Seattle's Young are baseball's comeback players of the year

...progressing toward resuming baseball activities in early December.Wright didn't play after Sept. 8 because of persistent inflammation in his left rotator cuff. He was told to rest, then to undertake a six-week rehabilitation program to strengthen his...


...intensive care unit because of signs of a generalized infection. They said the extra care was needed because there was excessive inflammation in his body caused by the infection, which is not uncommon, but he always responded well to the antibiotic treatment...

Mike Minor: Braves bounceback candidate

...with a flat four-seamer with little command, combined with the usual slider away/changeup down mentality. Shoulder inflammation that pushed his season debut to May didn't help his feel for pitching early in the season. On that Aug. 1 start against...

Inflammation worse for the heart than cholesterol

...attacks. The condition is low-grade inflammation, which may originate in a variety...evidence has become overwhelming that inflammation hidden deep in the body is a common...certainly recommend broad testing. Inflammation can be measured with a generic $10...

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MCG studies protein-blocker with potential to control damaging inflammation

...infections to blocking the chronic inflammation that can lead to heart disease, researchers...cardiovascular disease.The concept of inflammation in heart disease is hardly new, he...pro-inflammatory, that helps to create inflammation.Working in mice, they found that...

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