Humane society finds health issues among puppies sold at Augusta flea markets

...puppies up for sale are often infected with worms, lacking vaccinations, and have congenital disorders or deadly infectious diseases such as parvovirus. Some of the diseases can be spread easily to other animals or humans. The investigation also...

Researcher recruitment pays off, Ga. schools say

...Edison who specializes in NMR spectroscopy, Robert Haltiwanger focusing on glycobiology and Ted Ross, an expert on infectious diseases. Three head to the Georgia Institute of Technology: Deepak Divan in energy management, Stanislav Emelianov in...

New and stronger infectious diseases a growing global threat

...information company focusing on infectious diseases. Osterholm, who was Minnesota's...of the National Center for Infectious Diseases at the Centers for Disease...epidemic hits the world. Infectious diseases are the world's No. 1 killer...

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Infectious diseases targeted

...working-age adults, will die in the next hour from infectious diseases, many that could be prevented for less than the...the money. The WHO's $208 million budget for infectious diseases is still $50 million short. Malaria, TB and...

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Scientists tackle future of diseases in first global gathering

...ATLANTA -- In a world where infectious diseases have rebounded and are the...International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases. Malaria, for example...National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The conference will also...

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Age old question: Lyme disease

...infection. According to the National Center for Infectious Diseases, Lyme disease was first recognized in the United...to humans. According to the National Center for Infectious Diseases, ticks prefer hidden and hairy areas of the body...

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Serious disease threat

...that many of the world's infectious diseases would be eradicated. Polio...Analysts are concerned that infectious diseases pose an increasing threat...meningitis. The report says infectious diseases kill about 170,000 Americans...

Overuse of antibiotics creates 'superbugs'

...antibiotics were wonder drugs, cures for any number of infectious diseases. But these days, largely thanks to overuse...Hospitalized patients are surrounded by others whose infectious diseases may spread. Their immune systems may be weakened...

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Study asserts Georgia does have Lyme disease

...bullseye" type rash seen in northeastern Lyme disease patients.Jose Vazquez, a professor and chief of the Infectious Diseases Section at Georgia Regents University, said STARI can be transmitted from the lone star tick and is easily mistaken...

Documents with emergency contact data riddled with errors

...operation, who is going to respond," Lucas said. "For instance, public health is responsible for assisting with infectious diseases and immunization."Lucas, a former disaster director for the Red Cross, was heavily involved in drafting the...