Fired Georgia Regents Medical Center nurse files whistle-blower lawsuit

...transplant unit needed more nurses, which would reduce patients' infections and injuries.The hospital issued a statement Tuesday responding...understaffed with nurses, which led to a rise in preventable infections and injuries, according to the lawsuit.She went to management...

Science, industry economics, patients are boosting research on rare disease drugs - and hope

...target the cause, not just symptoms, of cystic fibrosis, which causes sticky mucus to clog the lungs, triggering frequent infections and other complications. Kalydeco slows the disease's progression and eases breathing. Its list price is $311,000 a...

UGA Week: Masters is dear to Compton's hearts

...for Compton. It's complicated by his immune system and infections and anti-rejection drugs that are part of his life."Hopefully...players get. On the scheduled day, Compton was dealing with infections and running a fever of 103 degrees.He played anyway, not...

Feds reduce to Ga. hospitals' funding over harm to patients

...Medical Center ? for high levels of infections and patient injuries in the facilities...Medicare crackdown on hospital-acquired infections and preventable injuries is similar...hospital-acquired conditions." These can include infections from catheters, blood clots, bed sores...

Yeast infections are difficult to diagnose

...gynecologist Peter Grossman. Yeast infections are the No. 1 reason women visit their...Women's Group, sees one to six yeast infections every day, he says. A tiny amount...urination. Women of all ages get yeast infections, and the causes can be many. One of...

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Repeated infections may boost risk for heart disease

...increasingly suspicious that bacterial and viral infections contribute to heart disease. No one's...popular theory is that immune reactions to infections damage artery linings. Studies looking at infections suffered in the past by those with heart...

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Drugs losing their punch against kids' infections

...choice for treating children's ear infections. "It tasted real good, it worked...instead. This means childhood ear infections have now joined tuberculosis, gonorrhea and urinary tract infections, as well as several deadly infections...

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Health officials to urge no antibiotics for most ear infections

...Parents of cranky children with ear infections be warned. Antibiotics may no longer...that doctors stop treating most ear infections in children with antibiotics, federal...preschool children are for treating ear infections. Health officials believe if they can...

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Lack of natural germ-killers linked to infections in eczema patients

...evidence that some people are vulnerable to infections because they lack certain germ-fighting...of eczema are highly prone to staph infections of the skin. The skin has long been...The discovery suggests that staph infections can be fought off by replacing these...

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More oxygen can halve the risk of surgical infections

...oxygen can cut the risk of surgical infections in half. That can mean thousands and...patients on the standard mix developed infections, compared with only 13 out of 250 who...According to another study, postoperative infections add an average of $12,500 to the...

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