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Technically, students are finding more opportunities

...Switch Co. recruits from Aiken Tech. The company manufactures valves and electrical-powered switches for industrial applications. "Aiken is perfect," said Shannon Matlock, the company's assistant human resources manager. "We won't...
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Aiken plant files bankruptcy

...twisted together for use in products such as circuit boards, automobile airbags, reinforced concrete and other industrial applications SALES: $206.3 million (2001) NET INCOME: -$7.7 million (2001) HISTORY: Owens Corning developed...
Apple co-founder gets back to gadgets

...positions accurate to a matter of meters or even, in advanced implementations, centimeters. Aside from specialized industrial applications, the technology is marketed to civilians mainly in navigation systems for boats, cars and hikers. GPS add-ons...
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Business briefs

...meant to stir up public interest in entertainment robots. The move toward entertainment robots is partly a reflection of growing frustration over slow progress in industrial applications for robots despite tremendous research costs.
Clay industry proves fruitful for Georgians

...Fuller's earth shares many kaolin characteristics (white, chalky, chemically inert), but it is useless in most industrial applications because it will not form a fine slurry. But what it lacks in solubility, it makes up in absorption. The mineral...
Miniaturization makes computers, communications devices wearable

...keep track of how everyone involved is fighting the blaze. Wearable computers are already being used for some industrial applications, but Korteum acknowledges that the best uses may not have been discovered yet. "In a way, (wearable computing...
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Officials unveil soybean-based hydraulic fluid

...Canada, said Lou Honary, a UNI professor. Soybean oil has generally been considered too unstable for use in industrial applications, but researchers have overcome that, Honary said. Jerry Van Der Kamp of AGRI Industries said company officials...
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Scientists see benefits of research in space reduce the cost of producing cadmium zinc telluride crystals, Larson said, the material could find wider industrial application. It is ideal, he said, for use in infrared heat sensors, such as night vision goggles or instruments to scan...
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Don't get caught up in gold speculation

...conditions than it does with simple supply and demand. Gold is highly sought throughout the world for jewelry, industrial applications and as an investment. But production slowed following a supply peak in 2001, and it may be several years before...
A bright idea: Philips lets flat lights out of lab

...compact fluorescent lights. The company says it sees interest from artists, architects, jewelers and some industrial applications where very even lighting is necessary. Separately, Philips and other companies are working with vehicle makers...