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Holiday saves money, energy

...thermostat - Refrigerator - Door or window (including skylights) RULES - Products must be labeled Energy Star. - An individual product cannot cost more than $1,500. - The product must be bought for home or personal use, not a business. The tax...
Augusta facility unfazed by probe

...bred bovines. St. Louis-based Monsanto, the hormone's sole producer, doesn't release sales figures for individual products. Analysts estimate Posilac accounts for about $300 million, or 5 percent, of the company's annual sales...
Smart tags moving rapidly - too rapidly for some fill the shelves but not so much as to clog up supply lines or waste away in warehouses. Using RFID to track individual products all the way to the checkout line is further down the road, when costs come down. "The symposium is intended...
Computer woes hamper Hershey sales

...should be able to locate your favorite products in your stores soon." Analysts could not trace the delays to any individual products or region of the country, but said spot shortages have shown up throughout the system. In some cases, buyers...
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Shoot 'outdoor tax'

...guidebooks, boots, skis, binoculars and all-terrain vehicles. The tax would add up to $100 to the price of individual products, and would cost Americans upward of $350 million, says David Bergland, Libertarian chairman. Unless it's...
Opinion columns
Car seat report is withdrawn remember that use of any child seat is safer than no child seat, but to suspend judgment on the merits of individual products until the new testing has been completed and the report republished."
As Google grows, how much does it know about you?

...In an interview, Wong said Google had no set time limits on data retention; such determinations are left to individual product teams. She said the information helps Google know how well it is doing - for instance, are users getting the results...
Fiber keeps company healthy

...residential building insulation, a market served by Owens Corning. "From one basic product we can make over 1,200 individual products," said Will Chafin, Advanced Glassfiber's product manager. "The products they eventually go into is probably...
EPA doesn't recognize germ fighter

...have to clean household items. EPA insisted that every manufacturer using a substance such as Microban get each individual product approved for any health claims it was making, and not depend on the broader registration given to the pesticide...
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Plastics familiar to area

...of your game. In the case of Amoco, we have the best stable of products," he said. "They may beat us on an individual product but not on everything because of the horses we have in the stable."
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