Malaysia Airlines to cut 6,000 staff in overhaul

...financial problems even before it was hit by the double disasters this year.Investigators continue to scour the southern Indian Ocean for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which veered far of course while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 with...

What every American youth should know

...partying was in high spirits on the Titanic before the iceberg. The beaches were calm and inviting before the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Lightning always strikes happy picnickers and campers mercilessly without warning.Throughout most of history...

Howard Norton Jr.

...32 years. He was in Naval Aviation and served aboard 10 different aircraft carriers in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans and 2 cruises in the Mediterranean Sea. He retired a Master Chief Petty Officer. Howard is survived by his beloved...

Malaysia to delist loss-making flag carrier in major overhaul after 2 disasters

...239 people on board after flying far off course. The plane has still not been found, with a search in the southern Indian Ocean underway. In July, 298 people were killed when Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine. It was heading to Kuala Lumpur...

Ukraine: 295 on Malaysia plane shot down over east

...March while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. It has not been found, but the search has been concentrated in the Indian Ocean far west of Australia.Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who had been attending a European Union summit in Brussels...

Mosquito-borne virus hits Georgia

...risk of getting chikungunya, health officials said. In addition, travelers to Africa, Asia, and islands in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific are at risk, as the virus is present in many of these areas.The most common symptoms are fever...

Madagascar hopes surfing will draw in waves of tourists

JOHANNESBURG - Itching to catch a wave? Try Madagascar.The island nation in the Indian Ocean has become the 86th member of the International Surfing Association, as part of a drive to promote the sport in Africa, the California-based...

Health officials caution to prevent mosquito breeding and bites

...with the disease was infected during a recent trip to the Caribbean. Travelers to Africa, Asia and islands in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific are also at risk.Infected patients must take extra safeguards against additional mosquito bites...

Europeans in charge after first day of inaugural EurAsia Cup

...missing in Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.Malaysian authorities say it is almost certain the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean, killing 239 people. WEB.COM TOUR: In Broussard, La, two former Atlantic Coast Conference stars share the first-round...

Missing plane parts found?

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Four military search planes were dispatched this morning to determine whether two large objects bobbing in a remote part of the Indian Ocean are debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.