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...the 2014 Best & Brightest Awards. The Aiken High School marching band was chosen to represent South Carolina at the National Independence Day Parade in Washington D.C., making it the only school from the area selected. Don't Miss

Well-read: Classics to re-read

...the book. The shocking ending, which alarmed some readers, may be easier to digest the second time around. Depression, independence, feminism and other mature themes may be easier to grasp for older readers.Catch-22 by Joseph HellerWith a non-chronological...

Around the block

Walton Foundation for Independence is accepting applications for Winter Weekend, which will be held Feb. 5-7 at Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge, Ga.The weekend...

Presidential candidates must protect academic and religious freedom

...must be cautious not to embrace programs, such as those built on the BEST model, that can be perverted to extinguish the independence of private schools. (The writer is a senior fellow for the nonprofit organization American Principles in Action.)

Small hope can lead to big independence

...supporter of the Walton Foundation for Independence, now needed our help. Many people...programs, we also offer a Hope and Independence Fund designed to help people with disabilities...long way to helping people achieve independence. And isn't that what we all want...

Our rights are eroding

...final solution: the total disarmament of the American people. Our government has now gone rogue.The Declaration of Independence states, "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce...

Pipeline is good for area

...pipeline and not get caught up in emotional rhetoric. The choice is simple. If you're in favor of safer highways, energy independence, and increased economic impact, you're also in favor of the Palmetto Pipeline.Moses ToddAugusta

Scots reject independence in historic vote

...Scotland - Scottish voters have rejected independence, deciding to remain part of the United...percent to 45 percent Thursday against independence in a vote that saw an unprecedented...cautious older Scots concluding that independence would be too risky financially, while...

Event honoring Georgia's signers of Declaration of Independence set for Saturday

...signers of the Declaration of Independence will take place Saturday in downtown Au gusta.The fifth annual Independence Day celebration in front of the...honors three Dec la ration of Independence signers from Georgia: Button...

Group surprises Aiken boy with adaptive bike

...gasp when he made the connection."Now you have a Mario Kart," Cruz said.Beyond that, the bike will allow Key shawn "independence and able to be like other kids his age," she said. Because he couldn't ride other bikes, Cruz had not bought his sisters...