Legislative survey finds enough votes to remove Confederate flag

...the battle flag to a museum.There are 123 legislators in the House and 45 in the Senate. The exact number needed to pass...comes before him for a vote. Two bills have been filed in the House. Both were sent through the committee process."I...

Usher the return of the citizen legislator by imposing term limits

...to co-sponsor a constitutional amendment imposing term limits on members of Congress ? specifically, three terms in the House of Representatives and two terms in the Senate. I have personally committed myself to no more than two terms in the...

South Carolina legislator: Take down Confederate flag, 'a symbol of pride in one's hatred'

COLUMBIA - In the wake of the attack against a black church in Charleston, two South Carolina lawmakers say they will file legislation to remove the Confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds.

Mowing lawn for dad brings back memories

...Yeah, Daddy," I said. "Easier around the trees and I can see the roots, too."He nods."Better get back in the house," I say. "It's getting hot.""I'll have some water ready when you need a break," he assures me, as I wheel...

SC considers possible pipeline-related laws

...Shane Massey, R-Edgefield, a co-sponsor of Young's bill, S. 868. A similar bill, H. 4326, was introduced in the House on Wednesday by Aiken County lawmakers."When they see what Georgia's DOT has done, then they want to know if we...

US trade deficit drops sharply in April

...subject American workers to unfair competition from countries with lower standards for both labor rights and environmental protections.The Senate has approved the fast-track proposal but it faces heavy Democratic opposition in the House.

British House of Commons wants Sepp Blatter gone

LONDON - In the House of Commons, they're calling for Sepp Blatter's head. And even inside the FIFA president's own executive committee, there...

Senate Republicans meet in secret after Davis' filibuster against gas tax increase continues

...spread."The Senate can move fast when it wants to," Davis said.The lack of action is also frustrating people in the House. During roll call Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Grady Brown, D-Bishopville, suggested the House stop sending bills...

Costa Pleicones become South Carolina's first new chief justice in 15 years

...challenging Toal's re-election in 2014. The two justices, who have been friends since childhood, sat side-by-side in the House gallery during the election.Pleicones said he won't change much. He would like to make the bar exam two days instead...

Hillary Clinton says so-called women's issues are at the heart of reigniting middle class

...Gilda Cobb Hunter drew a big smile from Clinton when she declared, "All of us believe that a woman's place is in the House, and in the Senate and, in case there is any doubt, also at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."In a moment of levity...