They can't all be traitors

...or approve any deal with Iran. Corker's bill, says Politico, "has nearly a dozen Democratic supporters."And in the House, says USA Today, "Foreign Affairs Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., said more than 360 members of Congress have sent...

Watson keeps winning, family keeps growing

...It's pretty special to see what they have been able to do for two kids' lives."Switching from one to two children in the house hasn't affected Watson much."It's easy with Dakota ? she's not doing anything," he said. "But little man's...

Georgia Senate passes ride sharing bill that apparently will let Uber, Lyft keep operating

ATLANTA - The Georgia Senate on Thursday passed a slightly tweaked substitute measure to a House bill that apparently clears the way for Uber, Lyft and other ride sharing companies to keep operating in the state.

Bill to allow secrecy for execution drug sellers in South Carolina dies in Senate committee

...Mike Fair is trying to get a similar proposal passed as part of the budget, and a companion bill has been introduced in the House.The legislation was patterned after laws enacted in other states that have run into problems obtaining execution drugs...

You Remembered: Evans intersection

This picture of the intersection of Belair, Evans to Locks and Washington roads brings back many memories.

House panel OKs Deal's school takeover plan

ATLANTA - Gov. Nathan Deal's proposal to take over schools dubbed "chronically failing" appears headed for a vote in the Georgia House after securing a key committee's approval.

Shopping can solve umbrella problems

...where you want them to be.I used to have just one. But it was always in the car when the rain caught me in the house, or it was in the house when the rain caught me in the car.I bought a second one, you know, to leave in the car. Except I would...

Deal to sign medical marijuana legislation into law

...the 2014 General Assembly."I didn't think we could top the emotion of coming out of HB1 passing the first time in the House and then the Senate committee, but we just blew it off the top today," Peake said. "It's just been a mission...

Ga. Senate committee passes medical marijuana bill

...only one condition in a measure pushed by state Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon.His bill, which passed overwhelmingly in the House, would have allowed the use of cannabis oil for cancer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, seizure disorders, multiple...

Gov. Nikki Haley willing to compromise on road funding, but only if she gets tax relief too

...combine that with an income tax cut to raise about $400 million extra a year. Haley's plan also has been introduced in the House.A Senate plan that made it through Sen. Ray Cleary's roads subcommittee would raise around $800 million in new...