Top of clothes dryer is 'no-fly zone'

My wife and I have a running disagreement that I suppose you would call form vs. function. She likes things in the house to look good; I like them to serve a purpose.Take flat surfaces. She wants coffee tables and half walls and kitchen...

Let Export-Import Bank expire

...bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill to reauthorize the bank just before Congress went on its five-week recess. In the House, more than three-dozen Republicans have publicly backed the agency, including U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif...

Sid Mullis: As fall approaches, several insect problems come with it

Aphids might be bad on your crape myrtles if you have one of the older or dwarf varieties. The new, Indian name varieties are resistant to them.

Owner of Augusta's Goodale House offers access to home in online fundraiser

...he said. "This will be a good place for Augusta and hopefully this fundraiser will help generate some interest in the house. Every little bit helps and this way, people get a return in their investment."

House votes to boost child tax credit for high-income families, restrict it for immigrants

...WASHINGTON - More families with higher incomes could claim the popular child tax credit under a bill that won approval Friday in the House. But in a dispute that divides Republicans and Democrats, millions of low-income families would still lose the credit...

Starving the beast: Can a tax revolt save America?

Our beloved federal government. This nation's single-largest entity, biggest industry and most omnipresent institution. It is the "thing" that controls more aspects of American life than anything else. And if it stays on its present course, it will eventually destroy the United States of America as we know it. Just as our Founding Fathers predicted it would.

South Carolina Senate postpones vote on ethics compromise

...sense in sacrificing all of these reforms at the altar of the investigation."Bannister said the Republican Caucus in the House will continue to push for independent oversight next year when regular session convenes.

Man jumps to death from Atlanta overpass

...available, left a note in his car that led officers to a house on Gladney Drive where a deceased man was discovered in the house, DeKalb police spokeswoman Mekka Parish told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.The county medical examiner is trying...

Mother of child hurt in raid contests police story

...severely burned by a flash grenade during a drug raid early Wednesday says police should have known there were children in the house.Habersham County Sher iff Joey Terrell said the officers were looking for a suspect who might have been armed and...

SC 3rd District has no DOT representative

...and the one person who was up for the spot says state lawmakers rejected him because he bucked his caucus when he was in the House of Representatives."Apparently I made some people mad," said former Rep. Harry Stille.That's what he's heard...