Tea party faithful to hear from potential presidential candidates at South Carolina convention

...displeasure at the current establishment trio. Among their concerns: Bush's support for Common Core and an overhaul of immigration laws, Romney's long struggle to connect with both the GOP base and middle class voters of all stripes, and Christie's...

Rants & Raves

...based on ALL the facts and evidence available. ANYONE WHO WANTS to come to this country can now come. Why have immigration laws? Thank God, Obama can't run any more. I AM SO HAPPY Columbia County did not choose University Hospital. Stick...

Take sovereignty out for a spin

...exactly the hard-charging reaction one would expect in response to a chief executive who nullifies the nation's immigration laws with a stroke of a pen mere days after his policies and party were overwhelmingly repudiated by 77 million Americans...

There goes the republic

...fix" anything. Illegally going around current immigration laws actually contributes to breaking the system, and...doing it with your money.After decades of loose immigration laws, and six years of inaction on this president's...

Rants & Raves

...What's in your past that you are trying to hide that you want to smear my faults everywhere. I'M TIRED OF hearing about impeaching Obama. Forget impeachment, it's time to arrest him for treason and for not enforcing our immigration laws.

David Perdue wants to bring a CEO's perspective to the Senate

...standards and limits on gun rights while supporting traditional marriage, term limits and strict enforcement of immigration laws.He made some missteps where his remarks made him seem too moderate for Republican primary voters, and so he adopted...

Deal is the best choice

...as liberal as the Beltway Democrats.Our second choice is Gov. Deal. He has signed into law one of the toughest immigration laws of any U.S. state; he expanded gun rights with the new gun bill he signed into law, gaining the endorsement of...

David Perdue stands solidly for change

...examine the issues with a clear eye.Do you want secure U.S. borders? So does David Perdue. He wants current immigration laws vigorously enforced, and wants future laws to focus on genuine border security.Do you want a sensible domestic energy...

Rants & Raves

...terrorists before 9/11, started two wars costing us trillions of dollars, didn't finish either one. Passed the immigration law that protects children once they cross the border and helped start the biggest recession in U.S. history. I vote...

Michelle Nunn attacks David Perdue in U.S. Senate debate

...also backed by the U.S. Chamber that Perdue used in attacking runoff opponent Jack Kingston. Perdue said current immigration laws should be better enforced before enacting new ones that "implied amnesty," which he said has led to the recent...