Adobe Illustrator 9 rocks

...bit skeptical when Adobe came out with Illustrator 9. I mean, how many changes could...was wrong. The new version of Adobe Illustrator ($400) is not only brimming with...had the stuff to become a certified illustrator designer. Now I can draw an arrow going...

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All about Adobe Illustrator 10

When I reviewed Adobe Illustrator 9 last year I thought to myself...So I was a bit skeptical when Illustrator 10 arrived, figuring that any enhancements...things that didn't change. Adobe Illustrator 10 ($399 or $149 for an upgrade...

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Illustrator says covers give clues

...cover art, Ms. GrandPre was the only illustrator allowed to read the highly secretive...said the publisher usually keeps the illustrator and author separate to keep their visions...scholastic.com/harrypotter/books/illustrator BY THE NUMBERS GENERAL INFO: Number...

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Harry Potter illustrator puts a little of herself in wizard

...bother asking her what happens, she won't tell you.) GrandPre loved what she read. "It's like a candy store for an illustrator," she said. "I connected with Harry pretty quickly and loved the way J.K. described everything; she's such a visually...

America's "other illustrator" brought style, drama, humor to life

...covers of the Saturday Evening Post in the first half of the 20th century. Many of those images were the work of beloved illustrator Norman Rockwell. However, Leyendecker was there first, and actually there more often. Between 1898 and 1918, he created...

The Artside: It's another art-filled week in Augusta

...Aiken Artist Guild has created a new award in memory of Mascaro, who died in March. After a distinguished career as medical illustrator and professor of medical illustration at the Medical College of Georgia, Mascaro focused on fine art painting, becoming...

16th century artist's work rediscovered

...crafted his landmark "Birds of America" series, French illustrator Pierre Eskrich fled religious persecution and set up his...what it was - previously unknown work by a legendary French illustrator and a "missing link" in the field of ornithological art...

Versatile guitar picker also has a talent for drawing

...Vista in North Augusta, just behind the tennis courts and community center.From 1977 to 2006, Wynn worked as a civilian illustrator at Fort Gordon. He has pursued various forms of illustrations and printmaking ever since being encouraged to draw by his...

The old is new again at Saturday Evening Post

INDIANAPOLIS --- The Saturday Evening Post, a centuries-old publication that helped make illustrator Norman Rockwell a household name and showcased some of America's greatest writers, is returning to its roots to show readers...

Can this marriage be saved?

"My husband bosses me around like a dictator," announces an angry Jennifer, 29, an illustrator for a greeting card company who's been married to Mike for three years. "His father is like that, too," she adds. "He's...

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