New federal rules on produce safety aim to prevent major outbreaks of foodborne illnesses

...large-scale, deadly outbreaks of foodborne illness like those linked to fresh spinach, cantaloupes...better protect consumers from foodborne illness and strengthen their confidence that...Taylor said both rules could help prevent illnesses such as an ongoing outbreak of salmonella...

Well-being gadgets expanding beyond the bracelet to include the smart ring

...consultants and experts" for people concerned about their well-being."The focus of health care will shift from treating illnesses more toward responsibility of caring for one's health," he said at the Slush fair, featuring a record 1,700 startups...

CDC: Big food illness outbreaks deadly but rare

...report on foodborne illness, the CDC said...of all foodborne illness outbreaks but account...percent of all illnesses, 34 percent of...case of foodborne illness traced back to...and most such illnesses arise in institutional...

Hundreds suffering mysterious illnesses

...are suffering an array of unexplained illnesses. The Tennessean interviewed 410 people...link has been established between the illnesses and the Energy Department sites. And...plants suffer a higher rate of unexplained illnesses than the general population. Still...

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Americans who dine out help fuel increase in food illnesses

...over the past 50 years, stomach illnesses caused by food are on the rise in...it appears the problem of stomach illness has increased," Michael Osterholm...States have found a rate of 1.4 illnesses per person per year. In Minnesota...

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Foodborne illnesses decline for certain germs

ATLANTA -- Cases of foodborne illness caused by certain germs, such as salmonella and campylobacter...Disease Control and Prevention said the decreases in some foodborne illnesses were attributable to changes in meat and poultry processing under...

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SRS audit shows worker injuries, illnesses underreported

...consistently underestimated worker injuries and illnesses that were significant enough to be reported...percent of 93 selected employee injury and illness cases in 1995 were underreported or incorrectly...information relating to the injury or the illness, or they did not properly interpret...

Children get day to focus on hunting, not illnesses

...something in common -- they have all battled a life-threatening illness in recent years.But during the Dec. 20 Hunt for Life Winter...who have children under the age of 16 with life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer, an opportunity to fulfill their life dreams...

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Hospitals see more heat-related illnesses during week of high temperatures

...patients being treated for heat-related illnesses.The high was more than 100 degrees...12 to 15 patients for heat-related illnesses, according to hospital spokeswoman Denise Parrish. The illnesses can range from dehydration and headaches...

Laurens County closes all schools over illnesses

...environment for them to learn."Most of the illnesses were reported at East Laurens Primary...also reported sporadic cases of similar illnesses. The decision was made to close all...department workers sent to look into the illnesses suspect students were infected with norovirus...