Iceland: Endless adventures but price can be steep

MYRDALS GLACIER, Iceland - In a country famous for its volcanoes...we set off from a hut near the edge of Iceland's fourth-largest glacier, where...crater in the Hofs glacier in central Iceland, setting off a rescue by 150 people...

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Have a hot time in Iceland

REYKJAVIK, Iceland --- We figured the driver taking us...destination when we said we were going to Iceland and he asked us to spell it. "Oh...bankrupt country. Our plans to visit Iceland with five other couples in December predated...

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World's first hydrogen service station opens in Iceland

REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- Iceland opened what is believed to be the world's first filling station...prototype provided under a European Union-backed program to use Iceland as a test for hydrogen power. There weren't any other customers...

Find fun in Iceland in 3 days

...how about Reykjavik?Yes, that's in Iceland ? and you might be surprised to learn...middle of the night for all we knew. In Iceland, in February, the sun begins to rise about...corrugated metal (trees are scarce in Iceland).As we looked out on the rooftops and...

Keiko's off to Iceland, but can this whale hunt?

...to his home waters off the coast of Iceland. There, he will shuck the celebrity...Captured in 1979 off the coast of Iceland as a whale no more than 2 years old, he was shuttled to aquariums in Iceland and Ontario, then sold in 1985 to...

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Icelandic language doesn't compute

REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- You think the Justice Department has...institute's director, Ari Pall Kristinsson. Iceland, you must first understand, is a tough...tongue. On the contrary: Up until now, Iceland could boast a minority-language success...

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Genetics mapping project leaves some with a headache

REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- Steindor Erlingsson feels like the least popular man in Iceland. The 36-year-old science historian has just...this book might ruin my career possibilities in Iceland," said Erlingsson, running a hand across a...

Clemson running back Zac Brooks to miss 2014 season because of a foot injury

...in peril because of a possible volcanic eruption in Iceland.Iceland is separated from Ireland by the Atlantic Ocean and about 900 miles, but a volcanic eruption in Iceland could produce volcanic ash and potentially affect flights...

Keiko to depart Oregon Sept. 9

...moved from his aquarium to the waters off Iceland on Sept. 9, the foundation that owns...near the Westmann Islands, six miles off Iceland's south coast. If he adapts to his...the plane for the eight-hour flight to Iceland. Keiko, believed to be 19 or 20 years...

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Postcards from frequent travelers pile up

...grand-babies." Marilyn and Woody Ware, of Aiken, were in Denmark (the country.) And Ben Burgess, of Augusta, was in Iceland, which he said was the land of fire and ice turned to rain. Ellen and Bill were in Minnesota and Jesse and Carrie had a great...