The Way We Were: Columbia Road

...as my grandfather would refer to him.We would retrieve a Coke from the old-timey Coke machine and get a Good Humor ice cream. Those, my friends, were fun times on Washington Road.Once Washington Road was finished, I remember my grandfather...

Use garden harvest for fruit or green smoothies

...Smoothies are easy to make. All that's required is a blender, some liquid (milk, juices or water), ice cubes (or ice cream), yogurt, fruits and greens.Strawberries, blueberries, peaches and blackberries are great smoothie ingredients because...

Keep kids out of hot cars

Amid increased swimsuit and ice cream sales, the summer season also has brought on an extremely preventable crisis. The crisis is child vehicular heat stroke death...

FDA agent: Peanut plant 'not fit' to produce food

...and food broker Michael Parnell shipped contaminated peanut products used in foods including peanut butter crackers, ice cream and candied apples. They say the brothers also covered up lab tests that confirmed the presence of salmonella in the Peanut...

Georgia salmonella trial shows how US food safety relies on honor system

...rural Blakely, Ga., was shut down and the company went bankrupt. Long after consumers ate contaminated peanut butter, ice cream, energy bars and other products, the outbreak prompted one of the largest food recalls in U.S. history.But Stewart...

Faith Calendar

...MEMORIAL UNITED METHODIST: Final Mann Goes to Broadway 11 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 10; Kira King Dittfurth, soloist; ice cream social followsMEALING GROVE BAPTIST: Church anniversary 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 10; revival 7 p.m. Monday-Thursday...

Very Good Girls

Now Playing Synopsis: Producer Naomi Foner (Running on Empty) takes the director's chair for this gentle and sensitive youth drama that follows two New York City teenagers and the events that put a strain on the bond between them during one of the last summers of their adolescence. Lilly (Dakota Fanning) is quiet, thoughtful and introspective -- the product of two conservative parents (Ellen Barkin and Clark Gregg) who keep a tight rein on her. Gerri (Elizabeth Olsen), on the other hand, is free-spirited, uninhibited and slightly caustic -- the daughter of a left-of-center mom and dad (Demi Moore and Richard Dreyfuss) who let her do whatever, and go wherever, she pleases. Shortly before they each leave for college in the fall, the girls spend most of their time together, whiling away pleasant afternoons, but soon they both meet and fall for the same boy -- artist David (Boyd Holbrook), who sells novelty ice-cream bars at Far Rockaway Beach. He decides that he much prefers Lilly to Gerry, and Lilly loses her virginity to him. The affair grows more serious, but Lilly can't bring herself to divulge the news to Gerry for fear of breaking her heart. Not long after, an unexpected tragedy occurs in Gerry's family and forces Lilly to reach out in an attempt to console her best friend. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi Cast: Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen, Boyd Holbrook, Demi Moore, Richard Dreyfuss Movie Details Play Trailer Buy Tickets Movie Review

Selling a single product can doom businesses

...For instance, Starbucks and Cold Stone Creamery have been trying to capitalize on the cupcake trend with cake pops and ice cream cupcakes, respectively.Being beholden to a single item also makes companies more susceptible to customers' whims...

Augusta sailor's actions during World War II remembered

...his service worked at Savannah River Site for more than 25 years.Ray said the two of them would fish, make homemade ice cream and shell butter beans in the family's garden. He described his grandfather as a "homebody" who enjoyed football...

Taste an array of creations at Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet

...have a sweet tooth, experience the extensive dessert bar that is stock-full of fruits, pastries and eight flavors of ice cream. "Our food is fresh all the time and the food quality is what people come for," Chen said. The food isn't the only...