IBM claims breakthrough in making chips even smaller

NEW YORK - IBM says it has achieved a breakthrough in making...22-nanometer or 14-nanometer node chips.IBM, working with a development partners at...semiconductors.The chip is still development and IBM did not say when it expects to put it on...

IBM to pay $1.5B to shed its costly chip division

NEW YORK - IBM will pay $1.5 billion to Globalfoundries in order to shed its costly chip division.IBM Director of Research John E. Kelly III said...operations will allow it to grow faster, while IBM continues to invest in and expand its chip...

The Latest: Apple TV catches up with app store

...upgrade phones.In response, Apple has tried to cultivate more iPad customers in the business world. It has partnered with IBM to develop new iPad software for workers in specific industries, such as airlines and health care.At an Apple event in San...

IBM is worst performing stock

IBM is the worst performing stock in the Dow Jones...the 30 stocks in the Dow are in the red, and IBM's 9 percent drop is more than three times...reports has helped fuel a selloff. Even though IBM said Wednesday that its third-quarter profit...

At IBM, Palmisano era already in full swing

...NEW YORK -- Lou Gerstner's revival of IBM Corp. from its near-death experience...low-cost competition and commoditization, IBM can create and win high-margin opportunities...affable but intense Palmisano, a career IBM employee, is expecting every part of the...

IBM continues 2nd day of claims against Microsoft

...of testimony damaging to Microsoft, an IBM Corp. manager accused the software giant...dangling valuable discounts for Windows if IBM agreed not to distribute rival software...so-called Market Development Agreements if IBM promised not to include Internet software...

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IBM matches Wall Street quarterly forecasts

...First-quarter profits rose 16 percent at IBM Corp. and matched Wall Street estimates...technology bellwether exceed revenue forecasts. IBM earned $1.6 billion, or 93 cents per...year. In the comparable period last year, IBM made $1.38 billion, or 79 cents a share...

IBM, Dell announce deal

...YORK -- They won't carry labels saying "IBM Inside," but Dell Computer Corp.'s...chips and other parts made by Big Blue. IBM and Dell, two of the computer industry's...buy $16 billion worth of equipment from IBM over the next seven years. The companies...

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IBM turns to music, a chef and a 5K race in quest for big ideas

...Y. -- On a bright, warm morning at IBM Corp.'s research center here, seven...question: What helps inventors invent things? IBM brass had asked the researchers to design...Such scientific soul-searching pervaded IBM's inaugural "Innovation Days," a weeklong...

IBM Manager: Microsoft offered deal not to compete

...giants, Microsoft offered an alliance with IBM if it agreed to sacrifice its rival operating-system software, an IBM manager told lawyers Thursday. He said...executives -- including Bill Gates -- IBM rejected the overture and said it planned...

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