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IBM expected to lay off 5,000 U.S. workers SAN FRANCISCO --- IBM Corp. plans to lay off about 5,000 U.S. employees in a new round of job cuts, The Associated Press has learned. An IBM manager...
IBM boosts efforts to make and sell network computers

NEW YORK - If IBM Corp. has its way, millions of U.S. workers could be using stripped-down, cheaper personal computers by the next decade. Boosting...
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Honda, IBM enhance in-vehicle, speech-recognition system

DETROIT -- Honda Motor Co., with help from partner IBM Corp., is preparing to introduce an improved speech-recognition...the Net: Honda Motor Co.: IBM Corp.:
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Report: IBM's Gerstner to stay on for five more years

NEW YORK - The chairman and chief executive of IBM Corp. has agreed to stay on for at least five more years, The Wall Street Journal reported today. In return, Louis V. Gerstner...
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IBM continues 2nd day of claims against Microsoft

WASHINGTON -- In a second day of testimony damaging to Microsoft, an IBM Corp. manager accused the software giant Tuesday of dangling valuable discounts for Windows if IBM agreed not to distribute rival software...
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New Apple notebook made by IBM will start selling a smaller, lighter version of its PowerBook notebook computer manufactured by its former rival, IBM Corp. The PowerBook 2400c, which weighs 4.4 pounds, is the first computer with Apple's Macintosh operating system to...
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Government's Microsoft hired gun is veteran of legal 'Vietnam'

...Department over whether a giant computer company illegally strongarmed competitors. Boies was a young lawyer representing IBM Corp. in 1969, when the government broadly declared IBM an illegal monopoly and tried unsuccessfully to break up the company...
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Netscape introduces stand-alone version of Navigator

...other software programs for businesses. Netscape's strategy reversal eases relations with important allies such as IBM Corp. IBM's Lotus Notes software competes directly with components of Netscape's broad suite of corporate software, called...
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Unequal Pay: Must be a lot of good karma out there

...percent of Fortune 500 companies are led by women. The 25 female CEOs are represented across most industries, including IBM Corp.'s Ginni Rometty, PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi and General Motors' Mary Barra. In 2009, Ursula Burns became the first...
Businessman's reputation, cash on line at NY trial

...million through fraud and deception by secretly trading the securities of public companies they controlled.The onetime IBM Corp. employees have a long string of business successes. They took a small chain of Bonanza Steakhouses national before...