Cher in the City: Overcome obstacles with a 'peaceful and patient mind'

...she said. "All I can do is say I am sorry and hope that you will forgive me. I don't know what I was thinking and I'm sorry."She sounded terrible but I was still very upset with her.TRUST is very important in ALL types of relationships...

UGA great Dan Magill dies at 93

...issues pertaining to the use of the tennis complex by the women's program that he had built for his men's team."I'm sorry that it ended that way for Dan because he had been a great and loyal friend," Dooley, the former Georgia football...

Browns work up package for Johnny Manziel

...coming from the Camaro that Bell was driving.They played extensively in the Steelers' 31-21 loss to the Eagles."I'm sorry for the distraction that I caused my team," said Blount, who led the Steelers with 32 rushing yards on seven carries...

Richmond County school safety chief touts restructure

...to give it to them," said Lt. Henry Jackson, who oversees the records division. "I don't want to tell them, 'I'm sorry. We're still waiting for approval or waiting for the report to get finished.'"The restructure has created more...

Rio's polluted bay is under fire by sailors

...Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes acknowledged two months ago that the problem would not be solved for the Olympics."I'm sorry that we did not use the games to get Guanabara Bay completely clean," Paes said. But he added he was "not afraid for...

City administrator candidates talk strange line

...with a laugh. "I won't. But I could sue you.""I'm sorry," Smith said. "Wrong question."Jackson said she's...You don't play golf, do you?" Smith asked."I'm sorry. I do not play golf," she said with a laugh. KNOCK...

Colts linebacker Robert Mathis apologizes to team

...performance-enhancing substance policy, Mathis was his usually blunt self after speaking to his Colts teammates."I told them I'm sorry, and I'll be back," Mathis said.Last week, he explained in a statement that the substance, Clomid, was found...

Rangers force Game 7 against Penguins

...the semifinal series."I obviously got caught up in the moment," Thornton said on an offday at the TD Garden. "I'm sorry that this silly incident kind of overshadowed how my teammates played and the great win and how good this series has...

City Ink: Mayoral candidates missed the bus on financial talks at forum

The Summerville folks who attended Tuesday's mayoral forum heard more about transit than they ever hoped to hear, as most of them have never been on a city bus.

You can't reason with a recorded voice

...time I had graded them. The recorded voice returned."I'm sorry, I didn't get that," she said, sounding like a female...point across to recorded voice. Tell me about them.I'm sorry, I didn't get that.