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Clothe your soil: Cover crops help enrich it

...have added.Simplest, of course, is to grow something that dies by itself at the right time. In my vegetable garden, I plant oats and field peas in any beds that become free of vegetables before the end of September. The oats and peas thrive in...
A catalpa in bloom is like a tree full of orchid blossoms my yard, for instance.Considering the tree's white blossoms, muscular form, large leaves and useful wood, I plant to let some of these seedlings grow or transplant, rather than weed out.
Classic blooms make for summer viewing

My fingernails ache from being plunged into the soil so often this past week. (I plant annuals and perennials barehanded.) But I don't care. I'm happy the azaleas have finally stopped blooming; they're in...
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Did the mole or the vole do it?

Q: I recently discovered that I have voles instead of what I thought were moles. Each spring when I plant my flowers, they seem to eat the roots right off my plants, and of course, they die. How can I get rid of these pests? What...
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Planting trees now will pay off later

...trying to decide whether to overseed my lawn with ryegrass, I have another landscape dilemma: What kind of trees should I plant in my yard? Almost every day I give advice on what to plant, but when it comes to my own yard, it is hard to decide...
Grandson of Gandhi shares message with interfaith audience

...Gandhi asked the audience to take his message to heart and work to make a difference in the world."Everywhere I go, I plant seeds," he said. "I hope and pray that those seeds germinate and bring a crop of peacemakers."
Par for the dinner course

...for that much more. "I don't use 10 percent of what I plant," he said, heading toward Par 4. "I sold a "This is my other Par 5 down here," he said. "I plant it all, and when I have land left over, I usually plant...
Retired extension agent cultivates deep knowledge of plants, and it will kill some of the nematodes," he said. "I'll turn the soil again maybe two or three times before I plant my turnips. Nematodes don't usually get turnip greens." In one plot, nematodes have infested a crop of okra. In...
It's time to plant trees

...require less watering. "That's the whole key to this," said Tom Rapp, horticulturist for the city of Aiken. "When I plant out in the park where there is no irrigation system whatsoever, the sooner I get them in (the ground), meaning October...
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Cauliflower, broccoli will grow well in fall gardens

...For plant spacing, leave at least 2 to 3 feet between the rows and 1 to 2 feet between plants. Because this is all I plant in my garden and I am not cramped for space, I put mine even farther apart. Fertilize broccoli and cauliflower much as...