Faces of Survival: Dianne Waller

...ovarian cancer would have been 95 percent fatal in the advanced stages, but doctors discovered it very early during a routine hysterectomy in 1992.The mammogram in 2007 also caught cancer in the very early stages."There was no lump," she said. "Mine on...

Faces of Survival: Dana Morris

...tram flap reconstruction, 16 rounds of chemotherapy, 28 rounds of radiation and a year of Herceptin.Then she underwent a hysterectomy as a precautionary measure, because the cancer put her at a higher risk for ovarian cancer.In 2012, she began experiencing...

Faces of Survival: Carolyn Wood

...exploratory surgery and discovered she had ovarian cancer that had metastasized throughout her abdomen. She underwent a complete hysterectomy, and was treated with chemotherapy and radiation."They really didn't expect me to live," she said.Ten years later...

Doctor found negligent for 1996 hysterectomy

...find in Ms. Hester's favor and decide that Dr. Eugene M. Long had been negligent in treating her after an August 1996 hysterectomy. "No one wants to admit he made a mistake, but sometimes you have to," Ms. Hester's attorney, Del Percilla, said...

A matter of choice

...other than a hysterectomy, which can dramatically...Because hysterectomies can be used to...begging for a hysterectomy and you have...candidates for hysterectomies, or one of the...the Numbers - Hysterectomies are the second-most...to undergo a hysterectomy by age 60...

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Ridicules 'defense' of legal abortion

...maternal and infant mortality." What an asinine statement! That is similar to saying that women who get mastectomies or hysterectomies in early adulthood decrease their chances of breast or ovarian cancer. Abortion is infant mortality! Steve Schwalm's...

Opinion columns
Across the southeast

...Connecticut woman win more than $10 million for undergoing a hysterectomy after a false cancer diagnosis, taking on Yale University...DiLieto, 54, of North Branford, Conn., underwent a hysterectomy and removal of pelvic lymph nodes in 1995 after being told...

FDA to review drug for female sexual dysfunction

NEW YORK - A hysterectomy 11 years ago zapped Colleen Christensen's sexual desire. Now 55 years old and married for 33 years, Christensen said she used...

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ABC Family cancels Roseanne Barr's show because of illness

NEW YORK -- Roseanne Barr's hysterectomy has forced the cancellation of her upcoming cooking show, "Domestic Goddess," and may claim the ABC reality show leading up...

Maintaining fertility in face of cervical cancer

...she would probably need to undergo a hysterectomy. " `I'll never be a mommy.' Those...wants to have children. "The radical hysterectomy (in which the uterus is removed...options, such as undergoing the standard hysterectomy and using a surrogate to carry a child...

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