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The hidden fat processed into partially hydrogenated oil. It's why Crisco stays solid...and crackers crisp. Partially hydrogenated oil is in about 40 percent of the...three brands had no partially hydrogenated oil. Because trans fat flies under...
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Hydrogenated oils, trans fats sneak into food

...disease and cancer. In addition to looking for the words "trans fat" on food labels, also look for "partially hydrogenated oil." Two unfortunate twists: As a substitute for hydrogenated soy oil, manufacturers have turned to palm oil, one...
Coloring the kitchen green

...label reading, Ms. Berthold-Bond makes some finds: canned soup without monosodium glutamate, crackers without hydrogenated oil, a loaf of bread without enriched flour, natural laundry detergent. In the parking lot later, Ms. Berthold-Bond...
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