Former pastor brings disaster to Internet

...News Network (www.disasternews.net) contains human-interest articles from disaster sites in the United States...Frederick (Md.) News-Post, demands hard-news and human-interest stories from his five free-lancers. He knows he...

Things to Do
Casey Kasem, king of Top 40 countdown, dead

...the beginning was to do the type of thing on radio that Ed Sullivan did on television, good, honest stories with human interest," he told the Los Angeles Times in 1975. Succeeding him at the main "American Top 40" show in 2004 was multiplatform...

Answering readers' questions

...to strive for a good mix among international, national, state and local stories ? with the occasional health or human interest story earning its place in the daily lineup.I would argue with people who challenged my choices of international...

Kemper has human interest but little glamour

...weeks of rest before the U.S. Open. So the Kemper again is left with an interesting potpourri of talent - plus human interest stories Jeff Julian and Casey Martin - but nothing that would remotely scare a major. Couples is a crowd favorite...

Book describes 57-year aftermath of sunken U.S. warship

...for a barroom conversation 50 years later. Author Stephen Puleo uses a low-key approach as he covers the saga's human interest aspects as well as the historical dates, facts and figures. On April 23, 1945, with Germany's defeat certain...

In the know

...Publishing, P.O. Box 1477, Roswell, NM 88202, or with a major credit card by calling (800) 270-2116. NO HUMAN INTEREST: Maybe now you'll finally go back in the water. The great white shark, immortalized in the 1975 movie Jaws as...

Life & style
Collection inspired by Freud looks at the mind

...colleagues. The title seems to suggest that it pertains only to children, but actually, it brims with articles of great human interest and originality on topics that range from infancy to grandfatherhood, from the origins of aggression to the mysteries...

Life & style
Mini reviews

...code - a dumbed-down Top Gun crossed with the HAL 9000 plot from 2001. The movie alternates lame romantic and "human interest" scenes with action sequences that defy logic. Augusta Exchange, Aiken, Big Mo and Evans ONGOING AMITYVILLE HORROR...

Berates hotel for price increase

...interesting, if not disturbing, that the corporations, operators of worldwide hotel chains, did not respond to this human interest story. It is, in fact, only the humans themselves -- the private ordinary citizens -- who were motivated to act...

Opinion columns
Author's research reveals fascinating 600-hole marathon

...pictures of all the principles including the DC-3 and it's fetching stewardess, Lillian Fette). But it's a rich human interest tale you've never heard before, one which Amy Alcott said "adds to the true passion and lore of the game."