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Missing the point at West Point

...understand the president's foreign-policy brilliance. That's what former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean told MSNBC."The problem here is not the president. It's the media," Dean said. "The media (don't) know...
Washington is a cesspool

...Revenue Service control.? It contains a "death panel," as former Democratic National Committee head "Screaming" Howard Dean conceded in a moment of candor.Then there is Benghazi:? Four Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorists during a seven...
Letter ignores hatred coming from left

...symbol, not a gunsight, on her map of Democrats to be unseated. Again, Dr. Greenbaum was conspicuously silent when Howard Dean, the former head of the Democratic National Committee, did use a gunsight map to target GOP members up for re-election...
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Undefeated Clemson determined to get off roller coaster

...38-24 win over defending national champion Auburn last month, his celebratory shriek to an ESPN camera reminiscent of Howard Dean's "Scream" speech after the 2004 Iowa presidential primary."If you get the Gatorade bath, it usually means you're...
More questions than answers

...and bipartisanship and appeared to be talking past not only Iowa, but the Democratic Party. It was as brilliant as Howard Dean's scream was fatal. Still, one other question looms over Obama's campaign: How would he govern -- like the centrist...
USC hosts College Democrats' convention

...leaders," he said. "We try to make the organization as diverse as possible." Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., also plan to address the convention, which wraps up Sunday.
Sad state of affairs

...people died" in the Greensburg tornado. Oops. More like 12. A dozen. That gaffe may be remembered as Obama's "Howard Dean scream." But it also betrays a strain of anti-war hysteria that tends to rob folks of their senses. Ten thousand...
Democrats increasingly don't get it

...too late, it might have a positive effect on their own attitude. An epiphany! Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean attended Los Angeles rallies in support of illegal immigrants, demonstrating for their "rights." The operative word...
Honeymoon will end for Barack Obama

...any serious presidential candidate ever. But just like Howard Dean, he will fade from favor now that he's moved up to...correctness and niceties already are vanishing, like Howard Dean's blogs did in 2004. The Clintons will give him some...
Damaged goods

...years with both Republicans and more moderate Democrats, many of whom were elected this cycle. Fissures appeared under Howard Dean's feet as well this week, when Clintonista James Carville called for the Democratic National chairman's head for...