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King Tut, father of the blockbuster exhibit, returns to Chicago

...hours will cut down on wait times. Once visitors get inside the exhibit, they will likely understand archaeologist Howard Carter's awed first impression when he uncovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922 and saw "gold - everywhere the glint of...
King Tut took red wine to his grave, researcher says

...and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Two of the jars came from King Tut's tomb, discovered by English archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922. Patrick McGovern, an American molecular archaeologist, said he has discovered grape residue in northern...
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1922: A look at the 20th Century

...Libya at 136 degrees (58 degrees Celsius) in the shade. The tomb of King Tutankhamen was discovered by archaeologist Howard Carter in November. Suzanne R. Stone can be reached at (706) 823-3351 or Time line...
Tomb of King Tut's wet nurse found

...wives, Kiya. Others theorize he was a brother of Akhenaten, whose mother was Queen Tiye. British archaeologist Howard Carter found the long-lost, riches-filled tomb of the boy king in 1922, sparking a worldwide craze for things Egyptian...
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Howard, Carter power Orlando

Dwight Howard had 18 points and 14 rebounds, Vince Carter scored 19 and the Orlando Magic smothered the Memphis Grizzlies defensively for an 89-72 victory Monday night.
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Georgia Military honors

...Harrison Taylor Brackett, Rashavia Keara Brown, Amie E. Bryan, Jennifer Marie Bunch, Henry C. Carroll, Jesse Howard Carter, Amber L. Cave, Joseph R. Christie and Katie Marie Cooke . Also, Eric Sheldon Creager, Shannon L. Cunningham...
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Photos detail King Tut's face

...bears a strong resemblance to the gold mask of King Tut found in his tomb in 1922 by the British excavation led by Howard Carter. The man depicted has soft features and a weak chin, and his eyes are highlighted by thick eyeliner. Three teams...
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Scan shows King Tut not murdered

...discovered in 1922 in the fabled Valley of the Kings in the southern Egyptian city of Luxor by a British archaeologist, Howard Carter. The find revealed a trove of fabulous treasures in gold and precious stones that showed the wealth and craftsmanship...
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Rare show of treasures from Boy King's tomb opens in Switzerland

...with the reproduced frescoes of the original may give visitors a sense of the excitement that struck British excavator Howard Carter when he opened the tomb in November 1922. It was to be the most important find in the history of archaeology, sparking...
Don't fear the mummy's curse, scientists say

...Spencer, an Egyptologist at the British Museum said of the study. When people associated with British archaeologist Howard Carter's 1922 expedition that unearthed the tomb began to die prematurely, their demise was widely attributed to the mummy's...
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