Hyatt says fired Boston workers offered new jobs

...pressure after dismissing nearly 100 housekeepers from its three Boston hotels, promised...doing business with Hyatt unless the housekeepers were rehired. A union representing...hotels. In a statement, Hyatt said the housekeepers would be offered jobs not with Hyatt...

Georgia showing signs of recovery

SAVANNAH, Ga. --- Hotels are hiring desk clerks and housekeepers in anticipation of a spring tourist boom in Savannah, while even a rural Georgia city devastated by manufacturing losses is putting...

Benefits of paying the nanny tax

You don't have to be a contender for a Cabinet post to owe "nanny taxes" on caregivers, housekeepers or other household workers. Congress updated tax laws for in-home helpers in 1994 after attorney general candidates Zoe Baird...

Many immigrants cook, clean to earn their keep

...thousands of foreign-born women, many of them in the U.S. illegally, who toil in America's homes as nannies, cooks and housekeepers, changing diapers and scrubbing floors. The lucky ones earn decent wages, and build a promising future for their families...

Hotel offers workers child care

...her $180 a week take-home pay as a housekeeper at the downtown Atlanta Hilton. Her...own - in turnover and no-shows by housekeepers, waitresses, clerks and other hourly...day care center, in part because of a housekeeper who continually missed work. "Here...

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Donor feels used by charity group

...collected. The last time I checked, most fire and police officers earned substantially less than bankers, managers and even housekeepers. I am appalled the American Red Cross set up depositories at businesses such as Wal-Mart, McDonald's and Kroger to...

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Rants & Raves

...That's a good reason. BLAMING A COACH because the players won't perform as they are expected is like blaming a store's housekeeper because the customers won't flush or throw away their trash properly. RAVE FOR WAL-MART. For the first time in months...

Housekeeper finds bodies at hotel near Atlanta

...gunshot deaths of two people whose bodies were found by a housekeeper at a hotel near Atlanta.DeKalb County police spokeswoman Mekka Parish tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the housekeeper found the bodies of the two adults about 12:30 p.m...

Couple revisits roles in 'Housekeeper'

...old friend back into their lives, The Housekeeper. Mr. Walpert, director of the Fort...of knowledge and experience." The Housekeeper setup is simple: A bachelor who has...finds his life turned upside down by a housekeeper with some sanity issues. Mr. Walpert...

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Cleaning isn't just a chore for housekeeper

...lend a hand to others. Each housekeeper is accompanied by a cart...Yolonda Hankerson, head housekeeper, Days InnTime in field: Three yearsTraining: New housekeepers will work with another housekeeper for about a week, then clean...

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