Michelle Nunn attacks David Perdue in U.S. Senate debate

...president and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid for refusing to consider proposals from the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. It wasn't until his closing remarks that he lobbed even a single stone at Nunn."You know she'll be nothing...

Abandoning beliefs dooms America

...built into it to restrain those with power. There was no permanent political class with elitist beliefs. The House of Representatives was popularly elected and served two-year terms. The Senate was elected by the state legislatures for six-year...

Rants & Raves

...undocumented." Meaning let all the illegal aliens in. Fifty years ago Gutierrez would have been kicked out of the House of Representatives for such treasonous ravings. He represents Mexico and Central America more than the citizens of Illinois. LOOK...

Enough is enough

...They sit passively and watch the hand-picked head of a Treasury Department agency politely tell the U.S. House of Representatives ? and American taxpayers ? to shove it.And some wonder why the House has to take such extreme measures.

Connell portrait to be hung in the Capitol

...late Jack Connell in the Capitol.After 26 years, Connell was the longest-serving speaker pro tempore of the House of Representatives, the No 2 post in the 180-member legislative body. He was also an Augusta Democrat who served 34 years in...

Perdue embraces role as political outsider

...makes a stark contrast between him and his GOP Senate runoff opponent Jack Kingston, a 22-year veteran of the House of Representatives from Savannah. Since Perdue spent his career in the executive suites of major corporations rather than politics...

Superintendent runoff pits Big Business against parents and teachers

...state Reps. Brooks Coleman and Randy Nix, two of the most enthusiastic Common Core proponents in the Georgia House of Representatives.By contrast, Woods opposes Common Core as an ill-advised, unconstitutional nationalization and federalization...

Georgia teachers not rushing for guns, despite new law

...including Georgia introduced similar bills. Rep. Alan Powell, a Hartwell Republican who chairs the Georgia House of Representatives' committee on public safety, said lawmakers intentionally left the decision to school boards. He argued that...

The real crisis

...isn't your favorite editorial page asking these questions; it's at least two duly elected members of the House of Representatives.So, now that the nation has reached a point where U.S. congressmen openly suspect the chief executive of...

The case for Kingston

...Kingston's. Gingrey strongly endorses Kingston, based on their strong working relationship in the U.S. House of Representatives, and based on the leanings of Gingrey's own primary supporters.Karen Handel, the Tea Party favorite who...