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Equipment takes golfer only so far

...perfectly manicured golf course in the world, I wanted to see what an average hack could do when armed with the hottest equipment. Since Arnold Palmer, Callaway's staunchest defender, is an Augusta National Golf Club member, I figured the...
Scott Michaux | Augusta National Golf Club
Season is open for golf retailers

...seasonal sales burst. "It's both, but it's more the tournament," he said. "They want to see the newest and hottest equipment, and the newest balls." April is a profitable month that area golf retailers say they can count on. "Avid golfers...
`Birthday Blastoff' is intelligent, witty

...that some new drivers might be required. Realizing that not all of us have NASA-sized budgets and the absolute hottest equipment, the system requirements are pleasantly modest. For Windows 95, a 66 megahertz 486 or faster machine with at least...
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