Horticulturists attend conference

Two nurseries in McDuffie County and a unique research facility highlighted a tour by 250 horticulturists attending a world conference in Atlanta this week. The stop Thursday at The Center for Applied Nursery Research, a 2-year old...

Horticulturist strives to keep Aiken blooming

...aren't. Mr. Rapp is the city's horticulturist, and the front man for Tree City...left the job as the city's first horticulturist, the city wasn't that interested...daydreams. What is the dream job for a horticulturist? Disney World. "But I'd probably...

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Horticulturist has more than a green thumb

...in the Augusta area for her work as horticulturist at Green Thumb West, where she is...her blood. Her grandmother was a horticulturist renowned for her dahlias in the Australian...JENNIFER JONES ADDIE OCCUPATION: Horticulturist at Green Thumb West nursery AVOCATION...

Bright phlox blooms command attention

Horticulturists are always looking for "60-mile-per-hour plants," which...emerge. Many gardeners find this phlox easy to root from cuttings. HORTICULTURIST NORMAN WINTER IS THE AUTHOR OF PARADISE FOUND: GROWING TROPICALS...

Fruit-bearing plants 'berry' good for show

"Horticulturists Do It with Fruits." At least that's what a needlepoint, done by my secretary, hanging on my office wall proclaims. Blueberries...

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Mild weather keeping spring flowers at bay

...show their colors, but lingering mild weather is expected to keep them from fully blooming until mid-March, horticulturists say.Warm temperatures in Jan uary started several flora varieties blooming ahead of schedule. A cold, wet Feb...

Horticulturist will help gardeners be creative

The Aiken Master Gardener Association will help residents beautify their yards Thursday. Jenks Farmer, a local horticulturist and designer of the Botanical Gardens at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, will lecture on the elements of a Southern garden...

Horticulturist is full of answers for seminar

...will be one of the topics discussed Saturday in a gardening seminar at Aiken's Newberry Hall. Tom Rapp, an ornamental horticulturist for the city's Department of Public Works, will lead the seminar. He said he plans to focus on the varying aspects of...

Early spring steals Masters' flowers

...green thumbs said Friday. As azaleas blossom on Greene and Henry streets and dogwoods flower across the city, horticulturists have given up hope that the city's blooms will hold out for the second week of April. "Mother Nature decides...

These fall-planted bulbs pay off later in flavor

...after the first frost or deep into November is the best time to plant.Temperatures are critical, said Stephen Ward, a horticulturist with Penn State University Extension."It has to be cold enough for the bulb not to grow upward, but warm enough so it...