Garden cemeteries mix history and horticulture

Part history, part horticulture. That's the allure of thousands of garden cemeteries across America that were designed to serve the spiritual needs of the living...

Augusta Youth Development Campus | The Augusta Chronicle

...houses a general population and Short Term Program. The facility provides core educational programs and vocational classes in horticulture, computer skills, and building construction. Medical services, individual guidance, counseling, and recreation...

The parent-kid pot talk from inside the industry

...NEW YORK - Soon after Colorado legalized recreational cannabis, Todd Mitchem's son proposed using the plant for a horticulture project at his Montessori school in Denver.School officials said no way, despite support from dad, a regular weed...

Brilliance of azalea blooms below par, some patrons say

...hill above the sixth hole. The bushes had many green leaves mixed with patchy spots of colorful blooms.Suzanne Holmes, a horticulture program assistant for the Richmond County's extension office, said several varieties of azaleas throughout Augusta are...

Garden Club of America brings floral interpretation to paintings at Morris Museum of Art

...like wine glasses were set up near landscape paintings by South Carolina artist Robert Starke.A photography show and a horticulture show filled with exemplary cuttings and potted plants were set up on the first floor of the museum.Blanchard, one of the...

These fall-planted bulbs pay off later in flavor

...shallots can be pricy when bought from supermarket shelves. But they come cheap as seeds and sets, said Leonard Perry, a horticulture professor with the University of Vermont."Reasons to grow one's own edible bulb crops are the cost savings and even...

"Gibbing" camellias produces early blooms

...imidacloprid (Bayer Tree and Shrub Insect Control, Amdro Tree and Shrub Care), malathion, and insecticidal soaps.Horticulture oils are great for scale but can injure plants if the temperature exceeds 85 degrees or later on drops to near freezing.

Educator perennially optimistic

With a resume that boasts horticulture articles, books, research...dreams of anything other than horticulture. But Dr. Armitage once planned...South. "The most I knew about horticulture as a kid was when my brother threw...


AIKEN ADULT HORTICULTURE CLASS: 7 p.m. Mondays except major holidays, Aiken High School, Horticulture Classroom, 449 Rutland Drive; hands on experience in growing and propagating plants, $60 dues; (803) 649-2169 AIKEN TOASTMASTERS...

Aiken High School
Around The Block

A growing class The Aiken Adult Horticulture Class will meet at 7 p.m. on Mondays, except for major holidays, in the horticulture classroom of Aiken High School, 449 Rutland Drive, Aiken. The class will offer hands-on training on growing...