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WikiLeaker seeks future as woman

...woman named Chelsea and begin hormone treatment as soon as possible, the soldier...accommodate Manning's request for hormone treatment. If they don't, Coombs said...a federal prison to receive hormone treatment. As far as where Manning would...
Menopause years tough for female executives

...Prempro could increase risks for heart attacks, breast cancer and strokes. Many doctors still recommend short-term hormone treatment. "In an executive position... you have to look your best," and project a calm, focused and capable image...
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Hormone replacement therapy not recommended

...cholesterol and blood pressure, that are often underutilized in women. Mosca noted that the established benefits of hormone treatment for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, and the prevention of osteoporosis, must be weighed against increased...
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Xtreme advice: Parents have rough times, too

...daughter) and be supportive of the mother taking some medical advice as to whether she's a candidate for some hormone treatment which will help restore her sleep cycle and she'll wake up feeling much better and won't be so grouchy." NEXT...
Data adds to questions about estrogen treatment and heart

...linked to hardening of the arteries -- and a protein that may promote clotting. While the researchers found that hormone treatment can lower lipoprotein-a levels -- which are difficult to treat -- they acknowledged further study is needed to...
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Promise for those who can't take Viagara

...which trap enough heat onto one spot that skin's lipids become wet and let drugs slip inside. Today, patients get hormone treatment and fight motion sickness with patches. "It doesn't run all over the place, it doesn't get on your clothing...
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Menopausal discomfort is treatable

...25 percent of menopausal women are on any sort of hormone treatment. That could be expected, given the mixed bag of...researchers have proffered in recent years regarding hormone treatment and its possible links to some forms of cancer...