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Hormone replacement therapy not recommended

Don't start hormone replacement therapy just to protect your heart...whether the women were using hormone replacement therapy. Most of the women in...on one common regimen of hormone replacement therapy tested so far "may not...
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Looking for balance

...overreaction to the results of a massive study on hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women. The Women's for many women. It doesn't appear that hormone replacement therapy is something women should lose sleep over...
Study on menopause therapy risks draws strong rebuttal from doctors

The news reports that hormone replacement therapy for menopause could increase the risk of a heart...the New England Journal of Medicine suggested hormone replacement therapy be prescribed only for relief of symptoms...
Study: Estrogen therapy increase stroke risk

...researchers conducting a nationwide study of women's hormone replacement therapy have warned subjects taking estrogen that they...alter current recommendations and practices on hormone replacement therapy. They emphasized that the increased risk is...
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Hormone replacement: Not for women only

...about ADAM, a simple questionnaire to help identify individuals who may benefit from the male version of hormone-replacement therapy (HRT). Such replacement therapy with the female sex hormone, estrogen, has been a health boon for millions...
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Military should review transgender restrictions, Hagel says be treated as a woman. She is seeking a counselor who specializes in gender issues and also wants to get hormone replacement therapy, which the military has said it does not provide.
Health and fitness calendar

...e-mail to Please include a contact name and phone number. SEMINARS, CLASSES HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY: 7 p.m. Monday, Doctors Hospital, 3624 J. Dewey Gray Circle; refreshments; 651-2450. STROKE SUPPORT...
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Estrogen treatment raises safety issues make. On the one hand they are told that hormone replacement therapy will ease hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms...cancer in her family and wondered if six years of hormone replacement therapy was a factor. We responded that HRT seems to...
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Health calendar

...Hospital dining rooms 1-3; with medical oncologist Dr. Miriam Atkins; topic will be issues and concerns with hormone-replacement therapy; registration and buffet dinner 5:30 p.m.; $8 Seniors Club members, $9 advanced registration...
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Menopause facts elude even female physicians

...were obstetricians and gynecologists. Seventy percent of these physicians correctly answered questions about hormone-replacement therapy, length of menopause and average age for U.S. women to begin it. Least knowledgeable about menopause...
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