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DSM must clean acidic liquid leak

...Smith, safety, health and environment manager for DSM's 550-acre complex. One facet of the cleanup involves a horizontal well that intercepts contaminated groundwater along a 350-foot strip between the now-empty asphalt pond and the Savannah...
Gas drilling in Appalachia produces a foul byproduct

...effective on a shale formation beneath Texas.Fracking a horizontal well costs more money and uses more water, but it produces...assumption that rivers would safely dilute. But fracking a horizontal well requires huge amounts of water -- up to 5 million...
Employing the environment

...methane and other gases through horizontal wells that extend hundreds of feet...Bechtel's project leader. By using horizontal wells instead of traditional wells...also is unsuitable for drilling horizontal wells. At most contaminated sites...
XXX Technology
Additional area news

...half thanks to innovative technology. Known as a horizontal well, the cleanup technology was first demonstrated at...produced nuclear weapon materials. Installing two horizontal wells at SRS' Nonradioactive Waste Disposal Facility...