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REST EASY! With its Buyback Qualified CARFAX report, you can rest... 2010 Honda Insight EX $11,595

REST EASY! With its Buyback Qualified CARFAX report, you can rest easy with this Honda purchase. LOADED WITH VALUE! Comes equipped with: Air Conditioning. This Insight also includes Clock, Tachometer, Cruise Control, Power Steering, Security System, Keyless Entry, Tilt Steering Wheel, Intermittent
Americans spent more at retail stores in July, lifting hopes for a rebound in the second half of the year

...chaise lounge and chairs for their living room - their first furniture purchases in a decade. They also bought a new Honda Insight this year to replace their 9-year-old Hyundai Sonata.The big purchases were a departure from the couple's strict...
Dealers raising vehicle prices amid crisis in Japan

...several Acuras and Infinitis.Small cars such as the Yaris, with a $12,955 sticker price for a base model, and the Honda Insight, priced at $18,200, are losing their typical discounts of 5 percent to 10 percent.The price increases "will...
What is it?

...showed the 2010 Acura ZDX, a four-door hatchback from Honda's luxury division. Many readers took it for the new Honda Insight hybrid or the Toyota Prius hybrid -- whose photo was in the same section in last week's Autos. For a photo of the...
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Fusion is stylishly fuel-efficient

...Fusion Hybrid doesn't surpass the 51/48-mpg rating of the 2010 Toyota Prius and the 40/43-mpg rating of the Honda Insight, but the Prius and Insight are hatchbacks, not sedans, and they are shorter and narrower, respectively, than the...
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Honda may cut hybrid production because of soft sales" Colliver said a decision on the Accord will be made sometime this year. Not all hybrids are suffering. The Honda Insight hybrid saw sales jump 15 percent last year, and Colliver said sales of the Honda Civic hybrid remain strong. The...
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CR-Z is Honda's latest fuel-sipping ride

...the first major carmaker with a gas-electric hybrid car for sale here in December 1999, and it was a two-seat Honda Insight.But compared with the early Insight's lightweight, flimsy feel, rough ride, odd, bug-like exterior styling...
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The most (and least) fuel efficient vehicles for 2006

...The manual version of the hybrid Honda Insight tops the latest government auto...fuel-efficient mpg (city) mpg (hwy) 1. Honda Insight (manual, hybrid) 60 66 mpg (hwy) Two-seater Honda Insight (manual) 60 66 Minicompact Mini...
More hybrid choices offered to meet growing demand

...On sale now: Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid Ford Escape Hybrid GMC Sierra Hybrid Honda Accord Hybrid Honda Civic Hybrid Honda Insight Lexus RX 400h Mercury Mariner Hybrid Toyota Highlander Hybrid Toyota Prius Coming in 2006: Lexus GS 450h Nissan Altima...
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Is a Dodge Viper a Republican or Democrat vehicle?

...specializes in why people buy the vehicles they do, studied vehicle ownership based on party affiliation and found: Honda Insight gas/electric hybrid: 61.9 percent are owned by Democrats, 10.7 percent by Republicans. Toyota Prius hybrid...
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