Jewish center holds ceremony for Holocaust victims

Remembering the Holocaust isn't just about recalling the many...Wygoda, the director of the Georgia Holocaust Commission based at Kennesaw State...wreaths being laid during today's Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremonies held around...

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Georgia Students Interpret Lessons Learned from Holocaust

...ATLANTA-"What are the lessons of the Holocaust?" This question will be answered in...conducted by the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust. Ford Motor Company sponsors the competition...the opportunity to visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C...

SC lawmakers: Keep funding for Holocaust lessons

...has recommended cutting $31,000 for Holocaust education. But legislative leaders said...touch.Zais said teaching the Jewish Holocaust is vital, but that it's already taught...retired Army brigadier general. "The Holocaust is covered three times in state standards...

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Photographs illustrate history of Holocaust

The number of people who remember the Holocaust in the 1930s and '40s is shrinking, as...Marc Gottlieb wants to make sure the Holocaust is not forgotten.As chairman of the Augusta Holocaust Remembrance Committee, he said he is pleased...

Holocaust group blasted over deleted passages

...of the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust say this time it made a mistake...said. "But everything about the Holocaust should horrify us. Erasing persecution of gays from the history of the Holocaust repeats the tragic silence of most...

Professor's Holocaust hoax Web site prompts free speech debate

...pariah for two decades for declaring the Holocaust didn't happen. Now he's found a...views that he taught a lesson on the Holocaust in an engineering class. The teacher...students to research and write about the Holocaust. "I read his Web page and said this...

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Holocaust survivor speaks at Fort Gordon

Holocaust survivor Henry Birnbrey is accustomed...Fort Gordon soldiers to "remember the Holocaust," because if not he said "we are doomed...of 6 million Jews."The story of the Holocaust must be told," said Birnbrey, guest...

Georgia gathering information on Holocaust victims

...officials are gathering information on Holocaust victims and their families living in...neediest among America's 100,000 Holocaust survivors are expected to start this...agreed to pursue resolving claims of Holocaust victims. The National Association of...

Daughter becomes Holocaust memorial

...who heads Georgia's Commission on the Holocaust came to share her late father's story...annual commemoration of victims of the Holocaust. "My father would have had one of his...little of his experiences during the Holocaust and World War II, he kept a diary while...

Butterfly memorial to Holocaust children almost done

...2 million children who died in the Holocaust. The Chabad Academy in Myrtle Beach...undertaking. By Thursday on Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, the butterflies will...the night," said Hugo Schiller, a Holocaust survivor. A barbed-wire fence, which...

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