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Rare, huge hive found in abandoned home

...Matthews wants to study the makeup of the hive to determine if there is more than one queen and how the hive has lasted so long. Even after 20 years of studying hives, Matthews said the Brunswick hive "is a new ball game for me."
Hives buzzes into slump on 'Tyrannosaurus' that level I call "artsy." But the Hives? That's another story. With their funky...later, the band has cut Tyrannosaurus Hives, which in addition to being a particularly...around at the end. Listen Up What: The Hives, Tyrannosaurus Hives The Rating: HHH...
Beekeeper hopes hives will help Harrisburg

...she said. "I have one hive already and another arriving...beekeeping classes, and more hives were added at their homes...had samples from the different hives laid out on an ironing board...everyone sample them." The hives, which contain about 3,000...
Honeybee hive removed from power substation

...making a routine inspection discovered honeybees had built a hive in the 115,000-volt switchyard -- which presented a dilemma...dangled in linear sections from beneath a steel beam. "The hives are usually enclosed and almost never out in the open like that...
Man tends 13 honey-making hives

...loud buzz as you open up the hive, slowly put the top down...I'd just sit in front of the hives and watch," he said...makes the bees think their hive is on fire. They scramble into the bowels of the hive to eat the honey. Mr. Jung...
World Series trophy returns to Lake Olmstead

...Olmstead Stadium for Tuesday's 7:05 p.m. game against the Rome Braves. Fans can get a picture with the trophy at The Hive - the team's merchandise store - beginning at 7:30. Gates open at 6. The San Francisco Giants, the parent club of the...
Beekeeping becoming more common in local backyards

...from one of their two hives, which sit about 100...assisting her son with his hive, which he acquired about...backyard beekeepers starting hives in neighborhoods around...Phillips has almost 20 hives spread among locations...thinking about starting a hive," he said. "This has...
Honey makers' main purpose is pollination

...gloves before venturing to the backyard hive to check on the bees' honey-making progress...Honeybees will stay within a mile of their hive, working from the first light of morning...the crews of worker bees return to the hive, their saddlebag-like pollen sacs on...
Sound Bites: Music Reviews

The Hives, "Tyrannosaurus Hives" (Interscope) Rock and roll is alive and well, and living in ... Sweden? It's true. The Hives are back again, staking their claim as the Scandinavian answer to...
Northwest beekeepers trying out new miticide

...that can weaken or kill entire honeybee hives. "The mites drive them crazy," said...against varroa mites, which have infested hives from one coast to the other. Bob Stump...the last decade. The number of honeybee hives fell from 85,000 in 1992 to 54,000...
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