40 percent of honey bees dying

...Wisconsin all saw more than 60 percent of their hives die since April 2014, according to the...colonies now than before: 2.74 million hives in 2015, up from 2.64 million in 2014...beekeepers are splitting their surviving hives to recover their losses, pushing the bees...

Hives buzzes into slump on 'Tyrannosaurus'

...to that level I call "artsy." But the Hives? That's another story. With their funky...later, the band has cut Tyrannosaurus Hives, which in addition to being a particularly...around at the end. Listen Up What: The Hives, Tyrannosaurus Hives The Rating: HHH...

Beekeeper hopes hives will help Harrisburg

...in taking beekeeping classes, and more hives were added at their homes. Last fall...We had samples from the different hives laid out on an ironing board and let everyone sample them." The hives, which contain about 3,000 bees apiece...

Man tends 13 honey-making hives

...wanted to raise bees but can't explain why. "It was so exciting to me in the first few years; I'd just sit in front of the hives and watch," he said. "They're so well organized." These days, he makes a profit selling honey to a local produce stand...

Bee-friendly gardens can help save the species

...pulling a disappearing act. Honeybees are vanishing from their hives. Bumblebee numbers have crashed so radically that some species...presence of pollinators. Bees often range several miles from their hives or nests. Place pollinator habitat signs around pastures...

Sound Bites: Music Reviews

The Hives, "Tyrannosaurus Hives" (Interscope) Rock and roll is alive and well, and living in ... Sweden? It's true. The Hives are back again, staking their claim as the Scandinavian answer to...

Northwest beekeepers trying out new miticide

...that can weaken or kill entire honeybee hives. "The mites drive them crazy," said...against varroa mites, which have infested hives from one coast to the other. Bob Stump...the last decade. The number of honeybee hives fell from 85,000 in 1992 to 54,000...

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Almond growers face pollinating honey bee shortage

...beekeepers say they are paying more for their hives. While farmers once had easy access to...wildfires that destroyed up to 15,000 hives last fall. "It's kind of supply and...in December. Valov eventually got the hives and said he felt lucky to get them at...

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Beekeeping becoming more common in local backyards

...to harvest honey from one of their two hives, which sit about 100 feet from their back...growing trend of backyard beekeepers starting hives in neighborhoods around the area, said...junior at Greenbrier High School, has three hives of her own. Phillips has almost 20 hives...

The sneezing season

...Katie Linney may be 12-year-old identical twins, but they take the fall differently. Heather wheezes. Katie breaks out in hives. "I know, it's unusual because they're identical," said their mother, Jewel. "I guess they're not exactly alike...

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