Fight HIV/AIDS battle closer to home

I applaud your articles on HIV/AIDS awareness. However, I would like...Dybul for the Bush administration ("HIV/AIDS fight is slowly being won," Nov...save the lives of our citizens with HIV/AIDS. Just something to think about...

Around the block

...For more information, e-mail SSkadan@wjbf.com.Book-signing to be held at HumanitreeSandra Wimberly, a local HIV/AIDS awareness activist, will hold a book-signing and discussion at Humanitree House Juice Joint & Gallery for J.L...

Raise awareness of HIV/AIDS epidemic

...and around the world. Although the HIV/AIDS epidemic affects everyone, it is...46 percent) of the new cases of HIV/AIDS are African-Americans. Of the...for all who have been touched by HIV/AIDS. I join with all leaders who understand...

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HIV/AIDS clinic getting $3 million

The HIV/AIDS clinic at Georgia Health Sciences University is getting a $3 million renewal, money that will become even more critical as the...

Group reports less money for HIV, AIDS in South

...Representatives and the Senate," he said. Ms. Foust said emergency funding is needed for many areas of the South. HIV/AIDS PATIENTS Here are the number of residents living with HIV or AIDS per state or district: Alabama/8,738 Arkansas...

News you can use

AROUND TOWN TODAY HIV-AIDS AWARENESS DAY: 11 a.m.; Jaguar Student Activities Center Coffeehouse, Augusta State University, 2500 Walton Way; Sandra...

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Spreading the word about AIDS

The epidemic of HIV/AIDS among blacks in Georgia is but a small piece of what is happening...infections each year, said Ronald O. Valdiserri, the director of CDC's HIV/AIDS prevention program. While rates have remained fairly steady nationwide...

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Across South Carolina

...Committee turned back efforts to require generic drugs for HIV/AIDS and mental health patients and agreed to slash a new fee...state's Medicaid director had agreed to let current HIV/AIDS and mental patients continue using brand-name drugs...

AIDS groups fight effects of conspiracy theories

...While distributing condoms and doing HIV/AIDS outreach at Savannah bars on Fridays...toward prevention is why Savannah HIV/AIDS experts aren't shocked by study...Inc. in Savannah, which offers HIV/AIDS prevention information and testing...

Testing is key to prevention, experts say

...Richard Presnell has seen drugs change the face of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States, but he knows who is still...re-examine the impact the disease is having. The image of HIV/AIDS as a gay man's disease has not been true for a long...

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