Charlie Sheen says he is HIV-positive, has been blackmailed

...with Tuesday's declaration that he's HIV-positive, he aims to become an inspiration...a felony only if they are aware they are HIV-positive and engage in unprotected sex...shame still felt by others diagnosed with HIV, as well as by those reluctant to be tested...

St. Stephen's Ministry helps low-income, homeless people with HIV

...low-income people who are living with HIV and AIDS and serves 15 counties."We are...transitional housing program for people who are HIV positive."Eric Ingram was one of them...people in the community who are living with HIV.Though there is no stated faith component...

St. Stephen's helps feed those with HIV, AIDS

...are low income. All have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS."This food pantry is for the HIV/AIDS community," Lee said. September is National...in and leaving with junk food. When you have HIV, it's extremely important to keep your immune...

Senate committee seeks information on price hikes from Valeant, Turing, 2 other drug companies

...is the only U.S.-approved treatment for a deadly parasitic infection that can affect pregnant women and patients with HIV.Turing said in an e-mailed statement: "We are reviewing the committee's request and, as we have and continue to do with...

Women share mission trip with Augusta schoolchildren

...she researched on her own and found Mustard Seed Communities, a home for abandoned and disabled children, and children with HIV.She loved it, so this year she went back and took her cousin, Kathryn Garner.They spent a week in Kingston, Jamaica...

Discovery of HIV hiding place crushes hope of curing AIDS

...The latest research on the resourceful HIV virus that causes the disease suggests a...Perhaps the pills that miraculously changed HIV from a death sentence to a chronic infection...if all signs of it vanished for years, HIV was still lurking somewhere. Inevitably...

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Report: HIV test should be part of pregnancy care

...which can significantly cut their chances of spreading HIV to their babies. Adding HIV testing to the battery of tests all pregnant women...guidelines urge doctors to counsel pregnant women about HIV, including risk factors for infection, and ask them...

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Proposal for list of HIV patients meets little fight

...and addresses of all Georgians living with HIV has generated a surprisingly low volume...said Dr. Luke Shouse, the state's HIV/AIDS surveillance coordinator. "I am...state that doesn't track the number of HIV cases among its residents using a name system...

Government approves oral HIV test that gives results in 20 minutes

...The government has approved the first oral HIV test that gives results in 20 minutes. Until now, rapid HIV testing required pricking a person's finger...850,000 to 950,000 Americans living with HIV don't know it, according to the Centers...

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Despite numerous challenges, more families adopt HIV-positive children

...who decide to adopt children living with HIV. A twice-daily medication regimen, lingering...the number of U.S. parents undertaking HIV adoptions, or seriously considering them...whose nine adopted children include three HIV-positive first-graders."These kids...