Legendary directors are linked by unfinished film

Few great movie directors end their careers on a high note. Alfred Hitchcock didn't. Howard Hawks didn't. Anyone who has sat through 7 Women knows that John Ford certainly did not.Orson Welles is...

Hitchcock Woods' roots touch all

...the Hounds before the drag hunt in Hitchcock Woods on Thanksgiving morning is a...Harry Shealy, the president of the Hitchcock Foundation. "People move here just for those woods." Thomas Hitchcock and his daughter, Helen Clark, established...

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Hitchcock adapts to new coaching style

...N.Y. -- Dallas Stars coach Ken Hitchcock admits he's lost control of the locker...it isn't as bad as it sounds. Hitchcock doesn't say he lost control of his...20 players, there's no impact," Hitchcock said. "You have to have leaders and...

Fans celebrate Hitchcock

...make that Friday the 13th, Alfred Hitchcock would have turned 100 years old. His...No director so dominates a genre as Hitchcock does the thriller, and to make one is...influenced by him, like it or not. "Hitchcock is like a grammar book," Brian De Palma...

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Now playing in Dallas: The Ken Hitchcock Show

...DALLAS -- This might as well be The Ken Hitchcock Show. The coach of the Dallas Stars...who would know it from looking at him? Hitchcock was smiling so much the day after losing...guys got to go to work after this," Hitchcock told reporters following a team meeting...

Hitchcock, Padres stomp Braves

...Braves felt Sunday afternoon when Sterling Hitchcock awakened some painful memories in a performance...him out than it was seven months ago. Hitchcock, who had never beaten the Braves during...There wasn't too much difference in Hitchcock," Braves third baseman Chipper Jones...

Marker will affirm Hitchcock Woods' status

...marker to be placed at the entrance of Hitchcock Woods will be unveiled at 3 p.m. today...Society, which sponsored the marker. The Hitchcock Woods sign is the 31st historical marker...efforts of Celestine Eustis, Thomas Hitchcock and William C. Whitney to consolidate...

Hitchcock fans pick their favorite films

Asking a fan to choose a favorite Hitchcock film is like asking a parent to choose...author of Vertigo: The Making of a Hitchcock Masterpiece and co-author of an upcoming...Jr. Parkway (which stocks 15 to 20 Hitchcock films): "Rear View is a great one...

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Hitchcock: Finals could be a sticky situation

...it to the Dallas Stars. Ask coach Ken Hitchcock, who is really angry over the way the...he uses it perfectly as a stopper," Hitchcock said. "It's bothered a lot of coaches...Dallas Stars, according to coach Ken Hitchcock. "The players put it best," Hitchcock...

Hitchcock board sets guidelines for drag hunts

...outof-control hounds on the scent of foxes in Hitchcock Woods. Stiffer rules and a cut back of hours...chairman of the board of trustees for the Hitchcock Foundation. The foundation owns Hitchcock Woods, a 2,000-acre forest in the middle...