USC students capture voices of residents at Guantanamo

...many people have only a post 9/11 understanding of what has occurred there," said Allison Marsh, the USC public history professor organizing the student trip."We want to capture a voice of the people who call Gitmo home," said the professor...

Hollywood's epic 'Birth of a Nation' glorified injustice

...Jeanine Basinger, a film historian who teaches at Wesleyan University, says Birth is taught in different ways. A history professor might screen excerpts to show how some Americans thought of the Civil War, while a film instructor might focus on...

Weekend roundup

...entertainment events and other activities scheduled for today and Sunday: COWBOY MIKE: Michael N. Searles, a history professor at Augusta State University, will perform as Cowboy Mike, the Black Cowboy, at 12:30 and 2:30 p.m. today...

Roving eye of Newt

...charge of the House after decades of being in the minority. Unfortunately, history will also remember the one-time history professor as one of Congress' greatest hypocrites. After that stunning '94 victory, Gingrich sang the praises of "family...

Georgia professor wins Pulitzer Prize

...the Pulitzer Prize winners announced Tuesday was a history professor from the University of Georgia. Edward J. Larson...said the idea for the book came from fellow Georgia history professor Peter Hoffer. Mr. Larson used a relatively new...

Robert Herron (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Colonel Robert McKissen Herron, a retired history professor at Paine College and the Georgia Military College at Fort Gordon, died after a long illness at Saint Joseph Hospital in Augusta...

Savannah River Site influence on women focus of Tuesday lecture

...nation's changing social, cultural and political domains during the Cold War, said Frederickson, an associate history professor at the University of Alabama.In the Aiken and North Augusta areas, women braced for change as they grew accustomed...

Kansas City memorial puts focus on century-old war

...S. involvement in the First World War wasn't as lengthy as that of the other nations', Graydon Tunstall, history professor at the University of South Florida, said it's vital to study World War I."World War II gets the majority of...

Remember past Novembers

...words of another of my heroes, Winston Churchill. Before Congress, he reminded us that we did not get this far because "we are made of sugar candy."(The writer is a history professor at Georgia Regents University Augusta.)

Laney-Walker, Bethlehem Heritage Trail plans considered

...visit, what are the lessons, what are the insights you want them to glean?" asked Bobby Donaldson, an associate history professor at University of South Carolina who is working on the project.Donaldson said the goal is to help tourists and locals...