Little green army men, Rubik's Cube and bubbles named to The Strong's National Toy Hall of Fame

...their own stories within the movie mythology. In they went.To making the ballot, toys first have to survive a panel of historians and curators at The Strong museum, where the 16-year-old hall of fame is housed. The group meets several times to choose...

There goes the republic

...well represented in Washington right now.A republic, if you can keep it, relies on the rule of law and honest representation of the people. If this act stands, historians may point to Nov. 20 as the day the republic was lost.

Fort Gordon | The Augusta Chronicle

...cemetery with 150 graves in the Bath community, according to a history of Fort Gordon published by Fort Gordon's command historian office. The camp was named after a Civil War commander from Georgia, Gen. John B. Gordon. One of the first units...

Former Gov. Carl Sanders dies

...Kennedy when he ran," Mr. Sanders said. He had also taken "a progressive stance" on public school integration, something historians might point out that Sen. Russell did not do."I felt I made a good case," the former governor said.His effort made...

Historic church burns in Millen

...his prosperous life was ruined in a bloody moment. It was the first major outbreak of white mob violence in a season that historian John Hope Franklin called "the greatest period of interracial strife the nation has ever witnessed." Riots and lynchings...

Upcoming Calendar

...REVOLUTION: 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 20, Humanitree House; Beyond Corporate Capitalism and State Socialism, featuring historian and political economist Gar Alperovitz; free; (706) 364-7861TITAN FC 32: HERMAN VS. HARRIS: 8 p.m. Thursday...

Civil War Symposium ready to get underway

...Augusta Museum of History, the keynote speaker will be Dr. Anne Sarah Rubin, the president of the Society of Civil War Historians. She will present Through the Heart of Dixie: Sherman's March and American Memory, based on her latest book..On Saturday...

'Devil' or fiery peacemaker: 5 questions and answers about Sherman's March, 150 years later

...different way.WHO WAS SHERMAN?Historian John Marszalek, the author of...of physical damage, though historians call this figure a guess...generals."Many military historians agree, saying he influenced...bring the war to an end.Historian Robert O'Connell, author...

Courthouse architecture in Georgia is captivating

...also commemorates the centennial of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia.There is light text throughout from historians, ex-lawmakers and judges about the importance of courthouses, and nostalgic remembrances of certain favorites, but most...

Charlie Stulb Jr.'s obituary leaves out achievements

...led his men outside the Argonne Forest as part of a larger Allied attack against the Germans massed before them.In what historians describe as a brilliant strategic move, the American 164th Brigade appeared to advance, then suddenly swung to its left...